18 Feb 2016

TBT - Pink Puddles

Throwing it back to spring today! I love the new blooms and freshness in the air that springtime brings. However, I am not the biggest fan of April showers... Since I have no say on the weather, I just deal with it. A great tip to deal with the drabness of endless downpours is to invest is a cheery pair of rain boots! As you can see, mine are hot pink! They also happen to match my umbrella! (That is not a mistake.) I clearly was a bit down when getting dressed (I hardly ever wear all black), but putting on my Barbie-boots and adding a hot pink scarf lifted my spirit! Never underestimate the power of a pop of colour! It can be your sunshine on a rainy day!

Shirt: Old Navy | Dress: Lululemon | Leggings: Lululemon | Belt: (gift) | Scarf: Jacob | Bracelet: Smart Set | Earrings: Roots | Boots: Rockport

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