20 Feb 2016

Casual Nautical

I got a lot done on the long-weekend, and I also did a lot of nothing! I decided to have a duvet-day and spent the entire day on the couch, catching up on my shows. I decided to get dressed, for the simple reason I had smeared Nutella on my PJ's... I grabbed a strapless striped dress, threw on a draped cardigan and pulled on some knee-high socks. Even though it's mid-winter, I opted for sock instead of tights because I simply could not be bothered with them today! Besides, the socks almost met the hem of the dress, so as far as I'm concerned, my legs were covered. It's not like I was braving the frigid outdoor temperatures. It was the perfect cozy outfit to wear while curled up with the puppies, binge-watching T.V. This loose cotton dress was very comfortable and not constricting. It allowed me to slouch in total comfort! The plus side is that it looked a bit more put-together than PJ's, so should I get a visitor, I was at least presentable.

Dress: Old Navy | Cardigan: Dynamite | Socks: Old Navy | Earrings: Northern Reflections

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