2 Feb 2016

Vacation - Excursion Look

Today's look is what I wore on excursion! The destination was the Nohoch Mul temple in Coba and the goal was to get to the top! I can proudly say I accomplished my mission and totally had an "Indiana Jones" moment! Standing at a height of 42 meters, Nohoch Mul is the tallest temple in the Yucatan Peninsula. One must escalate 120 steps to reach the summit. I will admit the climb was much easier than the descent. The steps are steep and uneven, not to mention they are made of limestone, therefore some are worn down and slightly slippery. The panoramic views from the top were outstanding! This will definitely be a moment I will cherish forever and that I can check off my bucket list! The sight has been open to tourist for quite some years now and will be closed in the near future. Should you be headed to Mexico, I highly recommend this experience!

On to the outfit. First off, I realize my running shoes do not match in the slightest, but they were the only pair I brought and I was not going to sacrifice the practicality of the footwear needed for the journey. I chose to layer a few garments, as you never know what to expect in terms of weather. A t-shirt, a cardigan and a scarf make up the top portion of the look while I opted for cut-off jean shorts with lace detailing for the bottom. I needed comfortable clothing I would be able to move in (i.e. climb a temple). I added a hat and sunglasses because one must protect oneself from the sun! What you can't see is the swimsuit I am wearing underneath. Swimming in a cenote was the next stop, so I was prepared for a quick outfit change! From the topmost point in Mexico, to the underground cenote, one could say this excursion had its fair share of highs and lows!

Shorts: Dynamite | Shirt: Joe Fresh | Cardigan: Jacob | Scarf: Multi Brand | Hat: Old Navy | Sunglasses: Smart Set | Earrings: Don't Ask | Shoes: Nike

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