22 Jun 2016

A Year of Posts

Today's post was my 365th! That means I've already posted a year's worth of daily outfits! That's four seasons of looks, ranging from casual to formal! I figured I'd take a look back and see what patterns emerged in my dressing habits. It's sort of nice to have a repertoire to look back on and see what my personal style really is. I like getting the big picture!

1. Black to basics
First things first, I realized just how often I wear black and white outfits! I mean, although it was no mystery that I wore them, I simply did not realize just how often. No matter the season, I love my black and white outfits. I guess there is something to be said about the timelessness of this combination. It's a classic for a reason! Here are a few of the looks I wore this past year. This collage really shows just how versatile a seemingly simple dressing technique can be.

 2. The weather factor
I talk about the weather... a lot! In most of my posts, I discuss the impact the weather had on my outfit choice. Come to think of it, it is one of the biggest factors in determining what I will wear on any given day. The weather also has an impact on my mood, which in turn effects what I chose to wear. I am also inspired by nature or seasonal holidays when it comes to putting certain colour combinations together. I wear warmer tones in the fall, cooler tones in the winter and bright colours in the summer. It has never been so apparent to me how much the weather dictates my dressing. Very interesting...

3. The weekend uniform
So this next observation has been pointed out before. It became very apparent to me that during the cooler winter months, I tend to hibernate. That is to say I do a lot of cocooning and spend time indoors. To hibernate like a pro, one needs to dress in cozy and comforting clothing such as leggings, sweaters and knit socks. And so the weekend uniform was born! I mean, I systematically wore combinations of leggings or skinny jeans with big comfy sweaters and thick socks or slippers. How could you not curl up next to a fireplace with a good book wearing this kind of outfit?

 4. Colour Chameleon
I most definitely do not shy away from wearing bright colours, and often all at once! For as long as I can remember, I've always been a fan of colour. As a kid, I used to wear a rainbow beaded bracelet every day to make sure I was always wearing every single colour. Although I knew I wore colour, I did not realize the level of variety of colours my closet contained. The following are some of my brightest, boldest looks of the past year.  

5. The cherry on top
I have a penchant for pretty toppers! I've been wearing hats for ages, long before the infamous floppy hat made its comeback! I find hats complete outfits so well and really give it that certain je ne sais quoi. Hats used to be integral parts of every outfit and I'm sad that society no longer wears them with such flair. Since I live in my own little bubble, I wear mine with my head held high! Behold some of my fancy millinery!


6. Jail Bird
Stripes. Lots and lots of stripes. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, I simply cannot have enough stripes in my life. Even though I am a general pattern lover, stripes really take the cake in my book! It must be engrained in my DNA, my French is really showing in my undying love of stripes! If your eyes can take it, here is my stripe-y montage!

7. Bottoms up!
I am no stranger to printed pants. I don't know why I love a printed bott0m so much... Perhaps it's the unexpected factor of boldly wearing crazy prints on a bigger level? I also love the way the prints move when I walk, it really gives a look interest! Let's not forget it makes it that much more fun for print-mixing. I love fully printed looks, from top to bottom! Below are a few of my crazy pants!

8. Rainbow Collection
I like dresses. Forget the LBD or the LWD, I have a little dress in every colour! Bright coloured dresses are the perfect backdrop for statement accessories. They also makes getting dressed a breeze! By owning dresses in solid colours, it gives them that versatility factor. You will get more wear out of a solid coloured dress as you can style it countless ways! Behold the following exhibit!

 9. Garments on repeat
As I was scrolling through the gallery, I noticed some items crop up more often than others and I thought it would be interesting to see which items got the most wear this year.

The first one that caught my attention was the striped poncho. I had purchased this piece on a whim in the sale section and figured I'd get a few wears out of it and call it a day. Turns out, I really like wearing it! Looks like I always wear it as part of a monochrome palette. Perhaps I will try to style it in more colourful ways next!


After seeing the above pictures, I guess it's obvious I love my grey OTK boots! The versatility of these boots is never ending and they are extremely comfortable to boot! Ha!

This past fall, I added a couple new faux-fur vests to my closet and they turned out to be wonderful pieces. They are the perfect finishing layer to a cold-weather outfit without adding too much bulk. Feast your eyes on the fuzziness below!

I clearly favour sleeveless over-pieces. The sleeveless blazer was also one my staple pieces of late. I feel they add just the right touch to an outfit. It's like a half-layer, it adds dimension and interest without being the focal point of the look.

My most-loved accessory this year was definitely my flannel checked blanket scarf. I seriously wore this thing every chance I got! It is soft, big, warm and a girl's best friend in the winter. The award for best scarf goes too...

I guess that very last picture embodies all of my favourite things: stripes, poncho, OTK boots, blanket scarf, monochromatic palette and print mixing! I feel like cI ould write my own lyrics to the Sound of Music's song...

10. People's Choice
Last, but not least, is YOUR favourite posts! That's right, I thought I'd have a look to see which posts were most popular with my followers. Below are the top three ranking!

In 3rd, we have : La Nuit émergente

In 2nd, we have: Meadow Yellow

And we have a tie for first place with Snow Way! and Sunset Maxi!
So, this wraps up my year in review! I hope you've enjoyed the walk down memory lane with me. It sure gives me perspective and insight in my dressing habits. I look forward to seeing what this next year will bring and hope you will all stick along for the ride!


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