25 Jun 2016

Dare to Bare

Ok, so I decided to take a risk on this casual Friday. I really wanted to wear my striped off-the-shoulder top, but I was afraid it might be to risqué for work. I took a leap of faith and paired it with distressed jeans and bright green sandals. I also decided to wear my hair down, as I figured it would hide the evidence a bit. By wearing long jeans, paired with the longer sleeves of the top, I wasn't showing skin anywhere else but my shoulders. I dared to bare a little, but I did it in a tasteful, somewhat conservative way. I'm not saying I could get away with this in every work setting, but mine has a little wiggle room! It's ok to bend the rules every now and then!

Top: Banana Republic | Jeans: Smart Set | Earrings: Kate Spade | Sandals: Banana Republic 

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