8 Jun 2016

Dashing Swirls

When the sun is shining, I wear skirts! Nothing is as fun or freeing as wearing skirts/dresses. For today's outfit, I decided to wear my reversible skirt on the black side and pair it with a white top with a black swirl motif. I love the contrast of the symmetrical dash-print of the skirt and the more artistic circular pattern of the top. I feel these two pieces play well off one another as the contrast is dual-sided. On the one hand you have the colour contrast and on the other, you have the geometric contrast. I don't think these pieces would work as well if it weren't for the colour similarities. If both the colours and prints were different, I'm not sure all the elements would be cohesive. By sticking with black and white, I was able to let a little bit loose with the patterns. However, one way I chose to infuse colour was by adding bright jewelry. The green earrings, the coral bracelet and the gold headband each contribute a little bit to the outfit as a whole. Sometimes, only hints of colour are needed to achieve a certain look.

Skirt: RW&CO | Top: Smart Set | Headband: Zara | Earrings: Kate Spade | Bracelet: Fame Accessories | Espadrilles: Old Navy

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