5 Jun 2016

Cute Coord

It's a hot one today! This is our first heat wave of the summer! I will not complain, because I have not yet forgotten the winter that barely finished... It was therefore the perfect time to bust out the coordinated top and shorts set! I am so happy these made a comeback recently. Who remembers dressing in coordinated sets when they were little? I sure do, and I remember them being some of my favourite outfits. The simplicity of knowing that the two piece match harmoniously is what took the guessing out of getting dressed. Turns out, that is still on the plus side now that I'm an adult. Some days, you just want to get dressed and not have to think about it! Besides, there are so many better things to do during the summer than worry about what to wear!

Top: Dynamite | Shorts: Dynamite | Earrings: Banana Republic | Sunglasses: La Vie en Rose | Tote: Old Navy (other colour) | Sandals: Bamboo

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