24 Sept 2016

Last Colour Hurrah


Seeing as summer is pretty much over, I figured I'd wear a bright colour combo one last time! Teal and coral is one of my favourite combinations and I so happen to have those two colours on hand! They also happen to pair well with my scarf, so I added that to the mix also. I wore this look on a Friday and had a girl's night planned. We went for drinks and desserts (the essentials) before hitting the theatre for a good chick flick: Bridget Jones's Baby! I was in dire need of a night out and this did the trick! Girl time is always time well spent!

Jeans: Jordache (Walmart) | Tank: Walmart | Blouse: Smart Set (donated) | Scarf: Shiraleah (Nordstrom) | Earrings: Payless Shoe Source | Shoes: Old Navy

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