1 Sept 2016

TBT - Flower Power

It's bitter sweet doing these throwback pictures. It really makes me realize just how attached to my clothing I am. While I like this dress, it isn't close to being my utmost favourite. Still, I'd find it hard to part with it. It's an odd feeling being in limbo and waiting to see what will come back and what will not. It's not so much the cost or the brand of things, what gets me is that I might not be able to replace certain pieces because of their uniqueness. I've been curating this wardrobe since at least 2004, and some pieces I've had for that long. I remember it well because I consciously starting making clothing purchases myself during my high school years, independently from what my mom would suggest. I took a fashion stand so to speak. There was nothing wrong with what my mom suggested, she does have excellent taste, but I wanted to find my individual style. I know I will likely be able to replace some items, but I'm a creature of habit and would likely have hung on to pieces forever. Time will tell.

Dress: Dynamite | Cardigan: Jacob | Necklace: Fame Accessories | Earrings: RW&CO | Belt: Dynamite | Bracelet: Pandora | Shoes: Bucco

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