30 Sept 2016

Fall Flavour

The air is nippy and the leaves are changing colours, fall is definitely here! It can sometimes be hard to drag oneself out of bed on a Friday, especially when the days are getting shorter and the sun is not up yet... That is why I decided on wearing a PJ-like outfit. Soft pants, a loose, silky cami and a knitted overpiece where the perfect combination to get me through the day. I also opted for a fall colour palette with the oranges, reds and tans. Lace-up flats are as comfortable as slippers, but are way more on trend, so that was my go-to in the footwear department. This outfit can take you from work, straight to the couch for a Netflix marathon! There is no better way to ring in the weekend, (for hermits like me, anyways!)

Pants: Dynamite | Camisole: Dynamite | Sweater: George (Walmart) | Earrings: Payless Shoe Source | Purse: Luigi Dei Medici | Shoes: Old Navy

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