5 Sept 2016

Kid Party

I attended a joint birthday party for my little neighbours. They are my actual neighbours, they live a couple doors down from us, so I got to go back to my neighbourhood for a happy occasion. The little guys (brothers) are the most precious and we knew it would mean a lot to them for us to attend. The effort was worth while! The day was filled with giggles, face painting, balloons and a yummy spread! I ended up wearing a flip-flop printed skort. Yes, I said skort! This is one of those fun pieces found in the boxes prepared by my mom. I remember her wearing this exact piece, and how much I loved it as a kid! Who knew I'd be wearing it myself on day? I paired it with a black Jacob t-shirt she also gave me and finished off with my white flower pendant and Birkenstocks. I realize the sandals are not a great match. Actually, I probably never would have chosen this particular pair to go with the outfit, but they're my only pair so there really was no second guesses! Had I had the choice, I likely would have worn black flip-flops, just to stay on theme!

Top: Jacob (donated)  | Skort: Tribal (donated) | Necklace: Garage (old) | Sandals: Birkenstock

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