20 Sept 2016

Polka Dots and Plimsolls


Yay for overalls! I'm so happy I got these back because I remember how hard it was to find some sleek black ones. I decided to pair them with a polka dot off-the-shoulder top for an interesting combination. I really like the resulting look! A little edgy, a little playful and a little sexy. I decided to roll the cuff of the pant legs and wear my white canvas plimsolls to complete the look. I feel this would be a perfect look for a fair or even to go to Disneyland... I'll keep that in my back pocket! Although I wore this to work, I kept a bright red scarf warped around my shoulders to make it more modest. The scarf matched my lips so it was all good!

Overalls: Zara | Top: Zara | Earrings: (handmade) | Sneakers: Old Navy

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