17 Sept 2016

Operation Clothing Rescue


Today was a very big day for me. It was the day I visited the warehouse where all of my clothing was taken to be cleaned after the fire. I had previously received the list of all non-salvageable items and I must admit, I had a good cry while reading the list and recognizing some beloved articles of clothing. I know it's just stuff, unimportant stuff, but I can't help it if I am attached to my clothing. It's a big part of who I am. I'm not saying it defines me, but it's always something I've been passionate about, so it is extremely difficult to part (unwillingly) with items I still loved wearing. After having lost so much already (practically the entire contents of our home), I was holding out hope that my clothing would be mostly spared... I like to think I'm a positive person, so I was not thinking about the potential losses with regards to my wardrobe. I figured there was no use fretting over the "what ifs". I was dealing with one thing at a time and now was the time to face the facts and find out about the fate of my clothing. I literally sobbed over the list, I simply could not help it. I feel I needed to let it out and feel all the feelings for what they were in order to be able to move on. I have yet to see for myself the damaged items, but I will take my time to go through the boxes and mourn, so to speak, bits of my collection. After that, I will be able to draft of shopping list to try and replace a few of the favourites. It will not be an easy task, as a lot of items are unique, but I will take my time and I know I will one day feel like my closet is complete once again.

Shorts: American Eagle | Shirt: American Eagle | Earrings: Payless Shoe Source | Necklace: Dynamite | Sandals: Birkenstock

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