12 Jun 2017


I was planning on wearing a different version of this look today, but added tights and a sweater at the last minute and switched out the sandals for rubber boots as it was raining. Thankfully, I was able to adapt my look today as opposed to switching it out completely. That's a small victory in my book! I was so excited to bust out these bold tassel earrings. That was until my better half astutely pointed out that he could catch a big mackerel with them... I gave him the "unimpressed" look. Despite the fact they might look like fishing tackle, I still like them! I'll be sure to keep them on lock down to ensure they don't end up in a certain someone's tackle box... I really do appreciate his perspective on my looks!

Dress: Banana Republic | Wrap-Sweater: Jacob | Earrings: Zara | Tights: Hudson's Bay | Boots: Hunter


  1. Oh darling you look gorgeous wearing your red Rubber Wellingtons with Tights, I always wear Tights when I've got my Wellingtons on, they are easier to slip on and off.

    1. Thanks Welly! You're right, wearing tights makes it easier! I've only had my boots for a short time, but can't wear them enough!