18 Jun 2017

What the Flock?

I wore a simple outfit today as it was going to be a long, busy day! After much planning, the day had come to prepare the back yard and the entrance to pour fresh cement to create a patio and a new walkway. Although I grew up on a farm, and am quite accustomed to the sight of a tractor and working men, it was a very unusual sight in the suburbs... On the first day, the existing shrubbery and lawn was ripped up to make way for gravel in order to make a base layer on which to pour the concrete. I have to admit I got a chuckle watching these city boys doing manual labour. They did a great job, but they were so out of their, how should I put it, natural habitat?

Once the gravel was in place, it was time to create the desired forms using 2x4s. While all of this is happening outdoors, I was kept quite busy indoors cooking up a storm to feed the ravenous workmen. I don't usually do the cooking in our home, but my culinary skills (or lack thereof) were put to the test. Thankfully I had detailed instructions, so it all turned out great! I have to admit that at some point during the day my feminist senses were tingling because I was not liking that the men and women fell back into those stereotypical duties. I even told my partner at some point that I would have felt more at ease raking gravel outside while he cooked. Don't be fooled by the exterior appearance, my dad taught me well. I can hold my own!

The second day was a bit easier as it was the pouring of the concrete into the shapes. I was headed to work and it was odd to see massive concrete trucks in my yard... I was hoping everything would go smoothly and thankfully, it did. I am quite pleased with the final results and am looking forward to completing the rest of the backyard make-over. Another step closer to being back to normal!

P.S. I didn't actually use the clutch for anything today, just thought it would look cute with the tee in the picture. I also traded the flip flops for fuzzy slippers.

Shorts: Old Navy | T-shirt: J. Crew Factory | Clutch: Old Navy | Earrings: Claire's | Flip flops: Old Navy

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