23 Jun 2017

Festival Franco

I am not a huge festival-goer, I'm more of an introvert and would rather a quiet evening at home. However, I do make an exception every onec in a while, and one of those exceptions in the Festival franco-ontarien! I am proud of my heritage and encourage the arts in my native tongue. My sister asked me to go with her so we bought our passes. Tonight was the first of three. It's just great to witness the unifying factor of a common trait among people. We gather to not only celebrate our language, but our diversity. The sense of community is palpable and reignites that sense of pride. With everything that I've gone through this year, it's nice to be reminded of the things we value, the things that truly matter and that define us. It was gcld and rainy, but that did not deter us from enjoying ourselves and having a great time. It was a late night, but it was totally worth it! (I'm not one to go out on weeknights, but I made an exception.) I can't wait for tomorrow's line up!

T-shirt: Old Navy | Jeans: Banana Republic | Earrings: Kate Spade | Belt: Banana Republic | Shoes: Bamboo

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