21 Jun 2017

The Meghan Maxi

With Meghan Markle making headlines recently, it got me thinking of this maxi dress again! It has been one of my favourites since last summer and I love everything about it. The loose, breezy fit, the beautiful tropical print and the low-cut back. It all works so well together! I am so happy I got to snag one of these special collection pieces Meghan worked on with Reitmans, seeing as the partnership has recently come to an end. I was really impressed with the pieces she had collaborated on and was looking forward to more creations in the months to come. Oh well, I guess she is moving on to other endeavors. I'll settle for having at least one of her pieces in my wardrobe. I hope she does another foray into the world of fashion at some point, because she sure has a knack for it!

Dress: Reitmans | Cardigan: J. Crew Factory | Earrings: Banana Republic | Sandals: Bamboo

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