7 Jun 2017

Friday Frills

We've been getting a cooler day every now and then, so sometimes I have to change my outfit at the last minute (not an easy task for this organizer-extraordinaire). This weather, I tell you! Anyways, I was also running a tad late today, so I simply reached for the jeans on top of the pile, the sweater on top of the box and the scarf that was sitting on my dresser. Tie a quick pony, slap on the minimal make-up and run out the door. As the day went on, I actually got to appreciate the last-minute look and was pleasantly pleased with it. It was perfect for the weather and fit the bill of casual Friday. Not bad for someone who usually has her outfit planned to a T. I won't be making a habit of this, because I simply cannot deal with the level of stress involved! Yes, sometimes I run late and it's good to know I am able to put something together at the last minute, but I don't enjoy this process. Maybe I'll start planning a back-up look for those unpredictable-weather days...

Jeans: Jordache | Sweater: H&M | Scarf: Chapters Indigo | Earrings: Fossil | Flats: Zara

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