5 Aug 2018

Mimi Takes Five - #10

ONE // Blooming Orchid
Unlike my better half, I am no skilled in the plant-caring department. I've always loved orchids, but have gone through a few in my lifetime. The first one was a gift from my fiancé a number of years ago for my birthday. However, the florist had told him that is was sick. Once the blooms fell, each leaf died until there was nothing left of it. Not off to a great start. The second plant was purchased at Easter about three years ago. It bloomed for a little while before wilting, then it lost a couple leaves and I was starting to stress out a bit. It was stemless for almost a year and it finally started sprouting a stem again when the fire happened. So, yeah, that kind of did that one in. Fast-forward to a year later, when we settled back into the renovated house, we figured we'd try again. This time, we succeeded! The plant went through a blooming cycle, we cut the stems and a few months later it sprouted a new one! Things were looking good. Now the flowers are blooming again. This is the first time in my life that I have seen a second blooming on one of my orchids. I am totally celebrating this victory!

TWO // Lemon Scarf
This scarf is mine! I had spotted it a few weeks ago at Banana Republic, but was waiting for a sale to get it. I fell in love with the bright lemon print on a soothing blue backdrop. It's fresh and bright, yet calming in a way. You can shop it in the widget below! My silk scarf collection is growing and I'm A OK with that! They are such a versatile accessory and can add a pop of colour to just about any look. I'm happy I jumped on the bandana-scarf bandwagon! Sorry for the wrinkles, it had a rough go in the mail...

THREE // Library
Being fans of day-trips, we couldn't help ourselves from taking a day to go visit Saint-Joseph Island in Northern Ontario while visiting my parents. Although growing up nearby, I don't think I had ever been on the island. Having mentioned it a couple times over the years, my fiancé thought it would be a great destination for us to explore. We took the entire day and it was definitely the highlight of our vacation.

We started the day by hitting up a little café we discovered a couple days prior and took out the maps to plan our day. We even spoke to the locals to see what attractions we had to see. It was pretty unanimous: we had to go to Fort St. Joseph! Being a history-lover, that sounded perfect to me! Once on the island, we did a few shops and had lunch at one of the many marinas. Nothing beats sitting on the dock and having the waves splash beneath your feet while enjoying a meal in the breeze. I almost felt like I was on vacation in the tropics. I mean, Lake Huron is so big it does give off those ocean vibes! After lunch, we toured the island and did visit the fort. It's amazing to get to see the ruins of the actual buildings! I highly recommend this visit to anyone in the area, it really takes you back in time!

On our way back to the bridge, we went through a tiny little village and came upon the most precious library I ever saw! I made my fiancé stop the car so that I could get a closer look. I've always been a huge fan of libraries and books in general, so to see such a quaint little building was heartwarming. To me, it seemed like a village or library that would be featured in a Hallmark movie. It just has that feel-good vibe and small-town feel you get from those movies. Yeah, I'm a bit of a Hallmark movie buff...

FOUR // Travel Case
I must get it from my mom... Patterns and colours are our thing! She remembered I had told her that my new suitcase was lined in a bold black and white striped pattern and that I had acquired packing cubes in a similar pattern with red accents. Well, that did not fall on deaf ears as she surprised me with this matching cosmetic case! Red bow and all! It is beyond perfect! Now I have a full coordinated set of travel gear. I keep joking that if ever my bag gets examined at the airport, the poor agent will get dizzy from all the stripes! I guess that's one way of discouraging suitcase checks!

FIVE // Stained Glass Candle Holder
When on vacation, we stopped by this adorable stained glass atelier, S&S Creations. We were immediately mesmerized by the colourful pieces and ended up spending a small fortune. Among other things, we fell in love with this orange candle holder. We'd been looking for a sort of centre-piece for our dining room table that would stand out in a mostly blue-hued room and this gem fit the bill! It is absolutely stunning in person and the best part is that the three-wick candles from Bath and Body Works fit perfectly inside! Win-win! 

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