28 Oct 2018

Mimi Takes Five - #22

ONE // 24 Days of Tea
It's the most wonderful time of the (tea) year! That's right, David's Tea has once again made a tea advent calendar! I look forward to it every Christmas season and have yet to be disappointed! My colleagues and I make a point of picking up our box sets as soon as they go on sale (because they sell like little hot cakes!) I am also a huge fan of the packaging and hidden treats, especially the mini tea tins that I reuse for my jewelry organization. Waste not, want not! However, I'm a little bummed that the tins are not part of the packaging this year... Instead, the tea comes in little ziplock-style pouches. I am not a fan. Also, the last few years, when you flipped the cubes over, they would reveal a cute puzzle. No such puzzle this year. Here's to hoping they bring them back next year!  Also, what's with the random reindeer box that is glued down? It's just an empty box, no tea or gift. Very odd. At least put a coupon in there or something! The box design is awesome and the surprise gift is really great, but I feel that veto-ing the tins and puzzle are big misses.
TWO // Red Colour Block Sweater
Anybody else really into cozy sweaters? I can't get enough! As much as I love me a good chunky knit sweater, I also like those cozy fuzzy ones. They are more laid back and perfect for lounging in total comfort. I also adore colour blocked sweaters and they are everywhere you look this year! If you like them, you've got plenty of options! This particular sweater is slightly oversized which adds to the that cozy-factor! If you haven't picked up on it yet, I'll say it again: this sweater is so cozy! That in itself is reason enough to get it! Like what you see? Shop similar options in the widget below!

THREE // Ipsy October
Seeing as I've really developed a liking for the colour red this past year or so, I was floored by the amazing mask pouch Ipsy released for October! How cool does this embossed texture look? My bag took forever to get to me this month, but I'm happy it's finally here. I've been dying to try this Brazilian Bum Bum cream ever since I saw it advertised a few years ago. I just started using it, so can't say if or how well it works, but I will say this: it smells amazing and applies smoothly! Next up I got a nice soft pink nail polish, a full size mascara (that applies really well), a face oil (I'm new to this, but it feels nice), an eye mask (good for dark circles) and a lip gloss. This gloss is actually a plumping gloss (didn't realize that when I first put it on) and it totally tingles. For a long while after application. It's an odd feeling, but it isn't bad. I'm not sure I need plumping gloss, but the colour is nice, so I'll wear it! These monthly goodie bags sure make me discover new and awesome products!

Four // Burgundy Jeans
When you are desperately looking for basic, dark-washed skinny jeans (with no fading, rips, or doo dads), walk into Gap with a very low expectation and stumble upon the perfect pair: you know it was meant to be! I legitimately grabbed one pair to try on and it was perfection! I could hardly believe my luck! Then, I get to the cash and the salesperson tells me that not only are they on sale, but there is an extra discount applicable to the already reduced price. My jaw hit the floor. The jeans that regularly retail at $108.00 before taxes were reduced to $40.00 with the tax. I can't remember the last time I stumbled on a sale this great for something I was actually looking for! To take full advantage of the amazing deal, I ran over to the display and grabbed a second pair: burgundy this time, to replace my older pair. Two birds with one stone and even my wallet was  happy about this shopping spree!

FIVE // Back Yard Winter Prep
Well, I think it's safe to say summer is long gone. We decided to tackle our backyard over the weekend and get it ready for winter. This means emptying the contents of all our planters, rinsing the pots and letting them dry before storing them until next spring. My fiancĂ© actually built a little planter on the side of the house (project we just never got around to doing) so that we could dump all the earth from the pots in it. That way, it'll be good to go next year. I even swept the deck and concrete pad to get rid of the soil and avoid it turning into mud when it rains. We still have to put away a few bits of furniture and tackle one small area. Other than that, our backyard is ready for a long winter's nap!    

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