15 Sept 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #68

ONE // Mustard Headband
Well, it was inevitable; a mustard knot scarf was definitely in the cards. I like that this one has a print that distinguishes it from the rest of my collection. This hue is the ultimate fall colour, so be prepared to see it on repeat as it will be sure to match most of my daily looks. Besides, the headband has sort of become part of my signature style at this point!

TWO // Plaid Place Mats
We've updated our dining room table for fall with these perfect plaid place mats (say that ten times really fast!) The orange, brown and blue pick up on the colour palette of the room, so there really was no debating on whether we should get them. My husband found them at HomeSense, and I'm a sucker for plaid, so it was not a hard sell! They look like they've always been on our table so it was meant to be!

THREE // Housewarming
Our friends recently bought their first house and we went to the housewarming yesterday. Buying your first house is such a big milestone that it should be celebrated! We're so happy for them and they have a fabulous little nest to call their own. We look forward to spending lots of happy times there and making wonderful memories! Cheers guys!

FOUR //Cheese Board Hosting
Last weekend, we had a couple friends over for what we predict will have been our last official BBQ of the season. My husband made some pulled pork and rainbow trout on the smoker and we had this amazing cheese and fruit board as an appetizer. There is nothing quite like spending a chill evening in with great friends and good food. Fall brings the colder nights, which make it the perfect time to start switching into cocooning mode and there is nothing I like more. I'm all about the hygge!

FIVE // Fall Scarf
I added this little beauty to my fall wardrobe because I was lacking a scarf in these warm tones (surprise, I know!) I just love the orange, mustard and taupe combination! It will surely complete many an autumnal outfit and I love the classic print! You can always count on H&M to have a handful of beautiful seasonal scarves to choose from at a decent price point.

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