22 Sept 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #69

ONE // Sunsets
We've been getting the most beautiful sunsets lately! I always catch myself in awe these days. I've been taking a moment every night just to enjoy the colourful kaleidoscopes. Hopefully these keep happening throughout the season, before the days get too short and I don't see anymore sunsets. Taking it all in while I can!

TWO // Smile Cookies
It's that happy time of year again! This week is Smile Cookie week at Tim Horton's! I have an unnatural love for these cookies and look forward to this week every year. Not only do the proceeds from the sale of these cookies go to a local charity, but they are delicious! I typically buy a half dozen to enjoy them all week long. This year, however, I snagged one during a work training session. But, I will likely stop by my local Timmies to stock up!

THREE // September Ipsy
My September Ipsy has arrived and I am loving it! I got a lot (I mean, a lot) of glittery gold products and am surprisingly pleased with them. I was unsure at first, but the face oil is nice and delicate with a very subtle shimmer. The eye shadow is the perfect fall neutral and the lip gloss has a perfectly shiny finish. I also gave myself a fresh pedicure with my new teal polish and it is beautiful! I got another black liquid liner (because I can never have too many), another brow definer (my second from this brand - they are that great) and a face lotion from one of my ultimate favourite beauty brands. Also, can we talk about how cute this astrological pouch is? The pink material is great and the crystal zipper tab is simply darling!

FOUR // Downton Abbey Movie
It's here, it's finally here! I've been waiting what feels like a lifetime to see the Downton Abbey movie and yesterday was the fateful day! It was everything I could have hoped for and it felt like I hadn't missed a day since the last episode. It was great seeing Downton again as well as all the characters, especially the dowager countess! She cracks me up and sure made for some light-hearted, witty scenes! I was all for the fabulous, royal jewels worn by Queen Mary as well as the multitude of tiaras worn for the dinner and ball. It was perfectly sparkly in every way! I also loved seeing the evolution of the downstairs characters, that Daisy sure is a firecracker! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and highly recommend it!

FIVE // Tomatillo Salsa
My husband stopped by his favourite local farm the other day and came home with a bushel of tomatillos! That only means one this in our house: salsa! I've always been a fan of tomatillo salsa and my husband has been whipping up batches every summer for the last few years. Once, he made it super spicy and my sister and I finished the entire bowl because the only time our mouths weren't on fire was when there was food in them! Talk about a vicious cycle! We went a bit tamer this time around and it was scrumptious! There is nothing like the taste of a fresh salsa, especially when it's made with love!

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