29 Sept 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #70

ONE // Saddle Bag
I had been looking for an (affordable) cognac saddle bag for a few years now. There are some really great options out there, they are just way out of my budget! I came across this beauty at Banana Republic during one of their 40% off sales and snagged it right away! It's the perfect fall accessory and will go with literally every outfit. The cross-body strap is a great length and the bag is big enough to fit all the essentials without being bulky. It the preppy piece of my dreams!

TWO // The Secret Garden
Oh my goodness, so many great movies coming out I can hardly contain my excitement! I just found out they are redoing The Secret Garden!!! The 1993 movie (the one where I first fell in love with Maggie Smith) was in integral part of my childhood. It was right up there with Anne of Green Gables! I watched it on repeat and was always sucked into Frances Hodgson Burnett's magical world. This story has magic, mystery, love and hope: everything you could possible want. There are some really great actors in some of the lead roles and it's from the producer of Harry Potter, so I've got high hopes for it! I cannot wait to see this new rendition! Although the 1993 version will always hold a special place in my heart, I am really looking forward to visiting Misselthwaite Manor once more!

THREE // Burgundy Sequin Cardigan
I got this cardigan last fall, but J. Crew keeps bringing it back in different colourways, so here we are. I have the mustard with pink sequins and this beautiful burgundy with navy sequins. It's one of my favourite colour combos and this makes it so easy to mix and match in my wardrobe! Cardigans can sometimes be a bit boring, so I love finding unique ones that are a bit more jazzed up. It's a tad more youthful and fun instead of bordering on dowdy...

FOUR // Homemade Pretzels
My mom came over yesterday (on her way to go visit my brother and his growing family) and we made pretzels! She was telling me about this recipe she tested out the other day with great results so we decided to make some. As far as pretzel recipes go, this one was a pretty simple and straight forward one. She has been looking at pretzel recipes for a while, but they always seemed so daunting. We chose to make mini versions and they turned out so cute! We had a production line going because there are still a few steps. Once the dough has risen, you have to cut it into portions, roll them out, twist them, soak them, egg wash and salt them before popping in the oven. These pretzels turned out amazingly and tasted just as you'd expect fresh pretzels to taste! We'll be making these again for sure!

FIVE // Evergreen Dot Dress
Picked up this cute little dress in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and love the print and colour so much! This fit is also great. I've been looking to add evergreen items to my closet as I find it a great hue for fall and winter. I cannot wait to style it for the Holidays! As much as I love a bright red and green look, there is something to be said about burgundy and evergreen festive looks. To me, they feel more grown up and sophisticated!

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