2 Aug 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #113

ONE // Back to Work
This week, after our summer vacation, it was back to working from home for me. However, things are a little different now. I finally got a computer from work and set up a more permanent home office situation. Switching back to a desktop after working on a laptop for months was a bit jarring! I'm sure I'll get used to it in no time. It feels a bit more like work now with this new set-up and I'm gearing up for the back-to-school rush. Who am I kidding, the rush is very much underway with professors getting a head start on their fall course content! August will be a very busy month on my end... At least now, I'm better prepared to deal with the busy times!

TWO // Fish Dish Towels
I found these adorable fish dish towels at a little boutique and thought they'd be the perfect summer touch to add to my kitchen. The colour palette matches well and the red is a nice pop of colour. I'm trying to sprinkle in a bit more seasonal decor at home and find dish towels is an easy way of doing so. I got some cute ones for fall last year and these are perfect for summer. I'll try to keep an eye out for so Christmas and winter ones next! 

THREE // Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming up and I'm not sure how I feel about it this year... A few things are different, stating with the date. This sale usually takes place in July, but has been postponed to August because of the pandemic this year. I'm actually OK with that because it makes more sense to be shopping for fall things a bit later in the current season. Secondly, this is the first year that Nordstrom has online shopping for Canada. Because of this, I think I might just shop online and avoid the stores altogether this year... I have to keep in mind that shopping for fall things is not an essential in-person activity, so I'll skip the Early Access and just wait for the sale to go live online. It's not like I absolutely need anything anyways. I'm just not as excited about it this year to be honest.

FOUR // Fancy Olive Oil
I discovered flavoured oils in Montreal a few years ago and we've really enjoyed cooking with them (well, my husband has anyway!) So, when we were in Merrickville at the beginning of the month, we had added a Mushroom and Sage flavoured one to our pantry. We've used it twice already and it tastes as divine as it smells! We've used it in a mushroom risotto as well as in a mushroom sauce with pork chops. Both dishes were fragrant and flavourful. I'm the first to say I'm not the biggest fan of mushrooms. I love the taste, it's more the texture I'm picky about. This oil is simply amazing and I can't wait to use it in another dish or two!

FIVE // Gurgle Jug
Keeping the fish theme going, I also snagged this adorable fish water pitcher. The burnt orange matches our decor perfectly and we'd been looking for a water pitcher for when we host (hopefully again before too long). Not only is this item cute to look at, but it is also great fun to use. When water is poured, it makes a gurgling sound which is both amusing and entertaining! I cannot wait to see kids' reactions to it or even see adults trying to stifle a giggle! I sure can't help laughing when I hear it! Bonus, it also doubles as a vase!

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