9 Aug 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #114

ONE // Lemon Shorts
These shorts were waiting for me when I got back from vacation. I decided to try a new-to-me style: the paper bag shorts. It helps that these ones have a cute lemon print and a removable sash belt. I didn't know what to expect, because I wasn't convinced the style would suit my body shape. Well, I was pleasantly pleased when I tried them on and they wear super faltering and comfortable! They are lightweight (perfect for summer heat) and are long and dressy enough for an office environment (for whenever that becomes a reality again). The only thing I get hung up on is how easily they crease and wrinkle. Nothing a bit of steaming can't fix, but you're sure to look a bit less polished by the end of the day wearing them...

TWO // Good Witch
I have to admit that I've been getting feelings of fall this week... Perhaps it was the wet and cooler weather, perhaps it's the fact my vacation is over so the back to work part makes it feel more like fall. Either way, I'm stating to switch gears in terms of seasonal feelings. So, how perfect is it that Hallmark is playing a Good Witch marathon today! Those who's been following me for a while know that I'm a big Hallmark fan. Naturally, I'm no stranger to this series and really love watching it in the fall, so this timing is perfectly aligned with my current mood! Thanks for feeding my fall cravings, Hallmark!

THREE // Many Masks
A couple weeks ago, I posted about making masks with my mom. Well, here is my little collection! The masks on the right were all made by my mom (and some from leftover fabrics from dresses she made me when I was a kid!) The masks on the left are from Old Navy. I had purchased a pack thinking they would come in handy. That was before we went on vacation and came home with some handmade beauties. Oh well, I guess one can't really have too many masks right now... I've not got the luxury of trying to match them to my outfits, seeing as I have a good variety!

FOUR // New Dog Toy
I am guilty of falling for a Facebook ad... Haha, I just couldn't resist getting this toy for my puppy! She loves her toys and has a very playful nature, so toys are an essential part of keeping her happy. We can just see the excitement in her demeanor when we present her with a new toy: the joy is palpable! Well, I thought this little flopping fish would just make her day, so I bought one. It took forever to arrive, so we only gave it to her this past weekend. Let's just say, she was a bit confused by this self-flopping "inanimate" object. She's always so weary of inanimate objects moving on their own, it freaks her out! She was giving the fish a wide berth at first, but when we encouraged her a bit, she warmed up to the toy. So much so that she was holding it down by the tail to keep it from flopping while she systematically bit the toy looking for the squeak. Well, moments later, the fish was no longer flopping and there was no squeak to be found. Now I realize why it's a cat toy! Oh well, we took out the mechanism and now it's just an empty stuffed fish. We'll try to find a squeak to put in it instead. It was good fun while it lasted!

FIVE // Retro Polka Dot Dress
This dress is so darling, I can't even! I'm a sucker for a good polka dot print and a fit and flair dress. I can't get over the colours in this print, they are so unexpected and unique. What I like most about it is that I will be able to style it for so many different seasons by changing out the colours I style it with. The silhouette of the dress is also one of my favourites because it's classic with a little retro flair. I really love finding special pieces that jazz up my wardrobe and that are fun to wear!

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