16 Aug 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #115

ONE // Workout Tank and Sports Bra
As I've mentioned before, I find myself wearing workout clothes far more often now that I'm working from home. That being said, I just acquired another sports bra and workout tank to add to the rotation. More workout gear means less laundry, am I right? I find that having a sports bra for at least every day of the week really helps me not stress out over laundry mid-week. This style is by far my favourite (the Seamless Light Support Bra) and it's from Old Navy! I wait for sales to purchase them and always get them for a really good price. Generally, I love the Old Navy workout clothes, they are really great quality for the price point.

TWO // Desk Organizer Tray
Seeing as I've been working from home, I've found myself settling in and organizing my desk, which I'd never used much before. I had always had a designated area on my desk for a computer/home office, but never got around to setting it up and making in functional. Now that I have a work computer in that area, I can better organize it. I had made a mental note of getting a cute desktop tray to contain things that are always on my desk in a neat manner. I found this beautiful wooden tray at Homesense the other day and it works perfectly to host my tissue box, my diffuser, a candle and there's plenty of room left on it (because I'm bound to get a few more knickknacks!)

THREE // July Ipsy
Yes, I'm talking about my July Ipsy glam bag in August because that's when I received it... I have to say it's the first time in about three years that I experience such a big delay in delivery. Considering the times, I can't complain. However, over and above being late, I was informed beforehand that one of the products I wanted was no longer available. A bummer, but not much I can do about that. The really disappointing part was that I was missing an extra two products from my bag. I spoke with the company and they explained that the products were now out of stock so initiated a refund. All in all, the customer service was nice to deal with, but it's still very upsetting. Needless to say, I was left a bit less excited about my July bag. I still got some good products, but I'm hoping my August one lives up to the hype!

FOUR // Statement Sunglasses
I'm a big fan of statement sunglasses and snagged this pair in the Zara sale from June. They are big and have a cat-eye shape that I love. I just can't get over how beautiful they are and they look like they could be a designer model but at a way more affordable price point. I spend the real money on my prescription glasses, so try to be reasonable with the fashion-only items.

FIVE // Mushroom Foraging
So, my husband has developed a new interest in mushrooms. He went foraging with my dad while on vacation and is totally hooked. He bought a little mushroom identifying book and a cute straw basket (for carrying his loot) because he wants to start foraging for mushrooms, or at least try to identify species. We went for a little walk in the wooden area nearby and starting looking. I was totally just tagging along but ended up spotting most of the mushrooms we found. Sadly, none of them were edible (or at least we couldn't identify them with enough certainty to pick them). Turns out the other day, on one of my walks, I spotted a big stump full of mushrooms. I climbed through the brush to get closer, snapped a few pictures and proceeded to identify them with the book when I got home. I guess this newfound hobby is turning out to be more mine than his! Haha!

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