23 Aug 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #116

ONE // Puff-Sleeve Top
I know summer is almost over, but I am going to feature this white eyelet lace top because the puff sleeves are giving major heart eyes! I've always been a sucker for a good statement sleeve whether it be flutter, fluted, bell, balloon or puff. If a sleeve is a feature, I'm all for it! While I can wear this top now, I can also see myself transitioning it into fall with crafty layering and warmer tones. White lace is an all-season fabric in my book!

TWO // New Pins
I had ordered a few pins from Nutmeg and Arlo back at the beginning of June and only got them well into August. Got to love the postal service right now! I'm not complaining, I just think this is a new record for me! I was so happy the day they arrived and was just as pleased with their quality! Elle makes the most adorable pins and I can't wait to take these ones for a spin. I'm particularly excited to wear my gold leaf for fall, along with the sleeping fawn (so cute!) I'm also very pleased with the library pin and the "Always right" badge because they speak to me! Then, I added Wilma the Watermelon to my fruity pin collection. I might not wear it much right now, but I sure will come spring! If you like cute pins like me, be sure to check out Nutmeg and Arlo! She's also got tons of cute washi tape, lanyards, stickers and even punny greeting cards. 

THREE // New Phone
Well, after having the same phone for five years, it was time for a new one! This week, I got myself an iPhone 11. It's quite the leap from and iPhone 6, let me tell you! The size is taking a bit of getting used to, but I'm quite happy with my new gadget. I always get a bit anxious when I have to change phones because I'm always worried about losing data and such. The transfer from one phone to the next was smooth and seamless, which made things a lot easier for my nerves! The only colour option for the 128gb was black so that's what I got. I figured I could jazz it up with some fun cases anyways. Let's face it, one of the best parts about getting a new phone is getting a new case (also one way to protect your phone and make it last five years!) I opted for a couple cheaper options on Amazon and they are great! How gorgeous do the red roses case look on my black phone? My other phone still works perfectly, so I'll keep using it around the house for casting Netflix and things to the TV. Also thinking it could serve as a back-up should we ever need one!

FOUR // Hair Care
Well, it's time to get my roots touched up again! The last time they were done was at the end of June and it was a home job, so this is the first real salon colouring I get since January! I always like to get my hair done with the change of seasons and with fall on the mind, it was time for a tune-up! My sister also tried out her new wave tool on long hair and I'm loving the result. I like a lot of volume and texture! I still prefer curls, but wouldn't mind waving it every now and then...

FIVE // Cherry Dress
Confession, I actually got this dress last summer but never got around to wearing it. I found it recently and was like: I have to wear this! So, I've styled it in a look that will be featured on the blog next week. Be on the look out for it! I absolutely love the white eyelash material with bright red embroidered cherries. It's just so darling without being childlike. It's a more elevated cherry print with a hint of sophistication. Not only is the dress itself beautiful, but it also feeds my fruit-adorned clothing addiction.

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