6 Sept 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #118

ONE // Reusable Face Pads

A few weeks ago I decided to invest in reusable cotton face pads. I'd been thinking about it for a long time and figured I'd give it a try. It's a small step towards sustainability, but every little bit counts. Seeing as I use a lot of these for applying toner and removing makeup, among other uses, I thought it would make a small difference. I purchased these bamboo cotton pads from SmileBoutiques on Etsy. I ordered two ten-packs; one all white and one mixed black and white. I use the black outlined ones for removing make-up, knowing full well these would get very dirty and keep the white ones for applying toner. I use both sides of one pad, then throw it in the wash. I have enough to last me the week, so no need to worry about running out. I find they do absorb a bit more product than the one-time use pads, but all in all they work well. They got softer after a few washes and I'm totally used to my new routine. This was an easy thing to swap out for a more sustainable option. I'll keep thinking of other small things I can change to help make a difference.

TWO // Little Navy Dress
I got this little navy dress in the spring, but only got to wear it once or twice. I'm featuring it today because it's still available and is the perfect little navy dress. It's a timeless silhouette, a great material, the perfect neutral colour and has the sweetest gold button detailing at the waist. It's the perfect preppy piece to add to your wardrobe this fall and will be a breeze to style. I recently wore it in my back-to-school look and I couldn't be happier with the slight uniform vibes it's giving off. This is definitely a staple piece to have in one's wardrobe!

THREE // Smeg Kettle
We finally decided to get a new kettle. It's definitely the most used appliance in our household and our cheapy $10 one, while doing the job just fine, is not as pleasing to look at on the counter. We make a point of keeping our counter free of appliances but we use the kettle so much is just sort of stays there... We therefore decided to upgrade our kettle to make it fit in with the aesthetics of the kitchen. I never thought we'd go full glam and get a Smeg, but here we are. We decided to have a peek at what was available through Air Miles and we knew we'd found the one when we clapped eyes on this rose gold version! It was an add-to-cart and immediately checkout situation. Our new statement appliance has arrived and it looks right at home on our counter, we couldn't be any happier with it!

FOUR // Cross-Body Bag
I got this adorable cross-body canvas purse a few months ago and think it's the perfect bag to transition me from my summer straw bags into more fall pieces. The beige canvas gives the bag great texture while the cognac trimming is just the right pop of colour to tie all my fall looks together. I'm big on cognac this time of year and it's a neutral that goes with everything! I'm carrying smaller purses these days as I'm not carrying work stuff around anymore. Wearing a cross-body bag also helps limiting contact with surfaces, which is a big plus right now!

FIVE // Stoop Glow Up
We did a little home project this week. When we rebuilt the house post-fire in 2017, we had decided to upgrade our front stoop by adding a larger stamped concrete pad. The final result was amazing and really updated the front entrance while being practical. We had a little colour in the concrete, but a few winter's worth of snow and salt left it looking a bit drab. We decided to resurface it and boy does it look spectacular! Not only will it protect the concrete, but it also gives it a more uniform look. We are very pleased with the result and plan on tackling the large concrete slab in the backyard next year.

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