20 Sept 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #120

ONE // Cinnamon Rolls
So I decided to try my hand at making cinnamon buns last weekend. This was a daunting task as I'm not the most skilled in the kitchen and this recipe involves rising dough... I followed this Half-Baked Harvest recipe and they turned out amazingly! I'm so proud of myself (and a bit surprised) that I managed to successfully make cinnamon buns my very first time around! I don't mean to brag, but I am so happy and giddy about it! I mean, these guys were perfectly sweet, chewy, sticky and cinnamon-y. The browned-butter cream-cheese frosting was downright heavenly! I will be making these again for sure!

TWO // Rust Pleated Midi Skirt
This skirt has got to be my most loved piece in a long time. The more I wear it, the more I love it! I can't get over the richness of the colour, the beautiful sheen when it catches the light and its perfect twirl factor. I can easily dress it up or down and have so many outfit ideas I could wear it for two weeks straight without repeating any looks. I'll spare you all exercise; just take my word for it. Although I won't wear it 14 times in a row, it will be on heavy rotation this fall. I hope you don't tire of seeing it because I sure won't tire of wearing it!

THREE // A Very Trainor Christmas
So, last week, Meghan Trainor hinted at the release of her Christmas album at the end of October. While I know it's only fall and Christmas isn't for a little while, I sure do love the holiday and welcome any Christmas-related news any day of the year. I'm not the biggest Meghan Trainor fan, but I do like her unique style and am looking forward to discovering how she interprets Christmas with her own flair. I'm a sucker for a good Christmas album! Here's to hoping it's up there with the classics: These Are Special Times (Céline Dion) and Christmas (Michael Bublé). I'd even add Lea Michele's Christmas in the City (a new favourite since last year!) What are some of your go-to Christmas albums? I'm always happy to discover more!

FOUR // Body Wash
The other day, I stocked up on body wash and hand sanitizer. I think I go to Bath and Body Works once a year to get the essentials. I wait for their buy 2 get 1 free deal on body washes and buy enough for the year (so 3). I tend to stock up in the fall which is perfect because I love their fall/winter scents. I got a few cozy smelling ones and will be good till next year. I also stocked up on hand sanitizers because, well, the pandemic. The little bottles are convenient and the perfect size to throw in your purse. Plus, they smell way better than those in some stores. I've used some pretty strong alcohol-smelling ones... Happy to carry around my own that smells great!

FIVE // Get Organized
I've found a new "me" show on Netflix: Get Organized with The Home Edit! I've always loved order and organization so this is right up my alley. The first few episodes touch on closet organization and if there is one spot in my home that is organized, it's my closet! I'm already doing a lot of the tips they give in the show (like organizing your clothes by type/weight and then by colour of the rainbow within each category). I've been using the rainbow technique all along! Ha! It was nice to get validated, though. I'm proud of my organized closet because everything has a home and it helps me find exactly what I'm looking for! The Stylebook app is great for inventorying, but an organized closet is just as important to help you find the specific pieces of every outfit I create in the app. They go hand in hand! Back to the show. I find it easy to listen to and it's giving me major TLC vibes. It totally made me think of What Not to Wear at times (remember that show?) All in all it's a great distraction, it's light-hearted and mostly very satisfying to watch. Yes, I'm the type of person who enjoys need, tidy and obsessive perfection.

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