13 Sept 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #119

ONE // Brown Flats
Adding to my flat collection because they are the perfect shoes to wear while working from home. I didn't have any chocolate-brown ones and thought these would be perfect for fall. I especially like the croc effect because it adds a bit of texture. I'll be sure to wear these a lot in the coming weeks because they fit right into my warm seasonal colour palette!

TWO // Go Clean Co
Lately, I'm been obsessed with cleaning. Maybe it has to do with all the time I'm spending at home, but I suspect it was more to do with my fascination over this Instagram account! Ever since I discovered Go Clean Co, I've been all about cleaning all the things! I've never been bad at cleaning, but the tips and tricks this lady has just blown my mind! Everything I've tried has worked like a charm. The best part is that she uses simple products that everyone should have on hand. I've been picking up a few missing products every time I go to the store and have been cleaning things I never knew needed to be cleared. The obsession is real!

THREE // Straw Belt
I'm a bit lat on showcasing this stretch straw belt. It's very similar to a style I've had for a couple years now except that this one has a double gold buckle. I love a good waist belt and this one is perfect for finishing any look. Although I typically reserve straw accessories for the spring/summer, I do like wearing them well into fall as the tan colour blends well with other earth tones and brings texture to my looks. I'll probably get a bit more wear out of this piece this season so not putting it away just yet! Unfortunatly, this exact one is no longer available, but I did find similar styles here and here.

FOUR // Soup Season
To me, fall is soup season. Give me all the warm, creamy, comforting soups, please! There is nothing quite as comforting and nourishing as a big bowl of soup packed with veggies and broth. I kicked off soup season by making a roasted pepper and tomato soup. It's the simplest recipe, yet is jam-packed with flavour! All you do is chop the veggies, roast them with a bit of olive oil, add them to a pot of vegetable stock and blend. That's it! Check out my Reel to get the full picture!

FIVE // Navy Velvet Hair Tie
I've been a fan of velvet hair ties for a couple years now and was looking to add a navy one to my collection. Well, turns out I found one at Old Navy and it happened to be a two-pack with a gingham bow to boot! I love when I happen across bundles of items that I love! I plan on wearing the navy one this fall and winter and will hang on to the gingham one for summer. I like a win-win situation!

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