4 Feb 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #183

ONE // Bala Weights
My husband got me the ankle/wrist weights I'd been wanting for a while now for my birthday! Not only are these Bala bangle weights esthetically pleasing, but they are super functional and easy to use. They also come in their own storage case, which I am very into. I'm an at-home-workout kind of gal and have minimal equipment, but I still need some basics like weights. I just found myself doing workouts that would be made a bit more intense by wearing ankle weights. I'd been doing them without for a while now, but the resistance level is not the same. I've worn my new Bala weights a few times now and absolutely love them. They are easy to put on and take off (they are velcro), they stay put even during some intense cardio sessions and are comfortable to wear. I particularly like that the velcro strip is on the inside, that way nothing hangs out or gets caught during a workout session. Long story short: I love them, they are just what I needed!

TWO // Sock Monkey Sweater
I finally got a sock monkey sweater! I've loved this style for so long now, but never got around to actually getting a piece in said style. That changed when I spotted this cardigan at Giant Tiger. I love how a cardigan can be more versatile than a pullover sweater, so was thrilled to find one in the sock monkey style. I like how the red and white cuff design is also added to the pockets! I can easily wear this with leggings, jeans or even dresses. I've already worn it a handful of times and love its ease of wear. Just throw it on over a basic top/jeans look and you'll feel instantly put together. It's such a fun addition to my wardrobe!

THREE // The Gilded Age
New show alert and it's a good one! The moment I found out that Julian Fellowes (creator of Downton Abbey) was working on a new series I knew I'd want to see it! I've always been drawn to period shows so The Gilded Age definitely fits the bill. It's set in New York during, well, the Gilded Age (1880s) and follows two families that represent the Old and New money. This sure makes for an interesting dynamic! There is also the dichotomy of the upstairs/downstairs of the two households, as seen in Downton Abbey. While this show takes place in time before Downton, I'm looking for little Easter eggs that might pop up linking the two shows. We all know Cora Crawley was from a rich American family and her marriage to the Earl of Grantham essentially saved the estate... If I recall, her maiden name was Levinson so I'll be keeping my ears peeled for that name. Two episodes in and I am absolutely loving the costumes and set design. The opulence is on full display! I'm also loving that a majority of the cast have musical theatre backgrounds and the character of Agnes Van Rhijn (played by the fabulous Christine Baranski) is fast becoming my favourite! She gives off Dowager Countess vibes and I'm here for it!

FOUR // Nutmeg and Arlo Pins
I decided to treat myself to some more cute pins from Nutmeg and Arlo for my birthday. It's an odd selection, but these are some I'd been eyeing for a while now so decided to just get them. First up is the folded Paper Plane; this one is an oldie but a goodie. It's from the snail mail collection and I already have the Love Letter pin (which I love), so had to add this one. Then, I got the Cute Skull! I'm not into the gruesome Halloween stuff, but this adorable pin will be the perfect thing to add to my outfits in October for just the right amount of spooky flair. It'll go well with my Sweet Treat Ghost. Now, I just need a pumpkin one to round things off, ha ha! Finally, I got this sparkly Love Potion pin. I adore the shiny pink glitter and heart-shaped bottle. This one reminds me of Harry Potter and think it will be cute to wear this February. My little pin collection is growing and that makes me so happy! I just love adding little Easter eggs to my outfits.

FIVE // Victorian Romance Drop
On Wednesday, Hill House Home dropped their Victorian Romance collection. As per usual, it was swoon-worthy! They had been teasing a new print since the fall (Pond Floral) and I was hooked! The print itself is another original by artist Leïla Dubus and is stunning. It was inspired by Beatrix Potter's writings and contained little critters such as ducks, frogs and squirrels on a light blue background. It's the most cottage-core thing and I am here for it! I knew I wanted to get the classic Ellie in the print and that decision was made even more obvious with the longer smocking and addition of pockets! As if this dress couldn't get any better! I then got carried away and also ordered the aqua grosgrain headband... My spring/summer go-to look is all set! I'd like to point out that I still showed a lot of restraint because the other print (Moody Floral), boasting little fairies and flowers on a teal background, is also dreamy. Not to mention the new dress styles and the lilac tulle Collector's Edition Ellie! I mean, I have no words for that stunning number. Left to my own devices - and with an unlimited budget - I would have bought half the collection! Knowing that, I am proud of myself for only getting the one dress. Most dresses from the new collection are still available, click on my link if you want to purchase your very own!

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