11 Feb 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #184

ONE // 
Heart Earrings
'Tis the season for hearts and I wouldn't have it any other way! While I'm no stranger to heart-printed clothing, I understand that it might be a bit too much for some. However, there are other sneaky ways of incorporating hearts into your daily looks. One of those ways is with heart earrings! They come in a variety of styles ranging from bold red and pink options to more subtle golden studs and everything in between. I fell in love with these double open-heart earrings last year and was excited to pull them out this week. I like that the gold tone makes them versatile enough to wear all year round, but also that they are big enough for the heart shape to be obvious. I've always been partial to seasonal earrings and these heart ones are perfect for Valentine's Day! 

TWO // MuggleNet Wizarding Wordle
By now, I think it's safe to say most people have heard of Wordle. Many have become addicted to the daily word game, but turns out variations of the game have been popping up all over the place. A personal favourite is the MuggleNet Harry Potter version. Being the Potterhead that I am, I just had to give it a try. Just like the original Wordle, the Wizarding Wordle is part of my daily morning routine. I actually find it to be more challenging! Perhaps it has to do with the words being part of a fandom, therefore I get a bit stuck finding wizarding-related options. However, I don't back down and persevere in my daily word quests. Yes, I call them quests.

THREE // Valentine's Day Cake Pops
I did a thing and make my very first cake pops the other day! I was feeling inspired for Valentine's Day and decided to try my hand at making these sweet treats. I opted for funfetti cake, pink frosting and white chocolate. Oh, and festive sprinkles, obviously. I'd say they turned out pretty well for my first batch! However, I think I'd make the balls smaller next time. Some are a tad on the big side, ha ha! I would also try to do a thinner coating of chocolate... You live and learn! They are very sweet, but I've never had a cake pop that wasn't overly sweet. It's the perfect treat to only eat one at a time. I would totally make these for a party because they are easy to display and eat. I do not recommend making a full batch if you have a small household because I currently have 34 cake pops in my freezer... I'll be eating these until Easter!

FOUR // Pastel Fair Isle Sweater
Fair Isle sweaters are my favourite winter style. There, I said it! I love a good knit sweater, but can find solid colour options a bit dull at times. I just love the patterns and colours of a Fair Isle knit. They are interesting and far from boring. I've been wearing this style since I can remember. My grandma used to knit the cutest Fair Isle sweaters with ducks and rabbits when I was a kid and seeing those pictures brings me so much joy! I have a good selection of these sweaters, but added his pastel version to the rotation. It's a great option to wear now, but will transition well into spring because of its colour palette.

FIVE // Santa Claus Melon
I made an interesting fruit discovery this past week. I spotted this Santa Claus melon while doing my usual groceries and was intrigued... Naturally, the name caught my attention! While it looks like a smaller watermelon, the melon itself is actually quite heavy! I was expecting the inside to also resemble a watermelon, perhaps a deeper red shaded flesh. However, upon cutting into it, I realized the inside looks more like that of a honeydew melon. The taste is also very close to honeydew, perhaps with a bit more of an earthy aftertaste. All in all, I liked it! After sampling the fruit, I turned to the Internet to figure out why it was called a Santa Claus melon. As far as I could tell, there was nothing particularly festive about it. Turns out it's a simple answer. The melon has a long shelf life and will be good "until Christmas," or in my case, February! 

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