21 Feb 2022

Just Add Ribbon!

Maybe I've been watching too much Gilded Age because I'm adding a statement ribbon bow belts and am thinking I should be adding a bustle as well... Seriously, though, my Nap Dresses fit right into that 1880s esthetic, while on a much more demure level. The smocked bodice even acts as a makeshift corset in a way, giving the dress that hourglass silhouette. Sure the skirt is not as voluminous and the fabric not as heavy and adorned, but the essence is there. I'm thinking that adding a petticoat, lace blouse and cropped jacket would achieve a very similar effect. Perhaps even a statement hat with a plume? I just might try that one of these days, I mean, I know the Nap Dress is versatile enough to attempt a recreation. Am I getting a bit carried away? Perhaps. But part of me needs to try it just for the thrill of it!

Dress: Hill House (similar) | Turtleneck: RW&CO (similar) | Belt: (old) (similar) | Headband: Zara (similar) | Earrings: Smart Set (similar) | Coat: ELFE (similar) | Boots: Steve Madden (similar)

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