18 Feb 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #185

ONE // Ruffle Apron
Ever since I've been baking more, I've been wearing aprons more often. I've always had a few kicking around for the days (once in a blue moon) that I would actually bake. Now that it's a more common occurrence, so are the aprons! I fell in love with the ruffle sleeves of this one. I mean, how precious! I get major Road to Avonlea vibes while wearing it and I love it! I mean, if I'm going to be wearing aprons, they will look cute. Besides, aprons are a must-have when baking. Flower is basically the glitter of the baking world; that stuff gets everywhere! Aprons make it easy to forget about dirtying your clothes because they are there to catch all that rogue flower. They are also great for wiping your hands, ha! Once dirty, just pop in the wash, no fuss, no muss. Also, having a few aprons is good to have options and back-ups. I've got a good little stack in the cupboard now and they are getting more use than they ever have.

TWO // Bath Bomb Haul
I've been trying to take baths more often these days. I find them to be so relaxing and they do me a world of good, especially when it's cold out or when I'm stressed. Seeing that both those elements are at play these days, baths are necessary. Seeing as I see taking a bath as a luxury, I like to go all out. I always add Epsom salts and a bath bomb or bath oil. After using up my entire stock, it was time to place another order at Lush! I typically go for citrus, peppermint or eucalyptus scents as I prefer fresh and energizing scents. I ended up getting four bath bombs and two bubble bars. I'd say it's a pretty good restock and I'm good until springtime!

THREE // Dog Booties
Well, here we are. We are now part of the itty-bitty booty club, ha ha! Since the pandemic started, I've been taking my dog on (almost) daily walks. She's a tiny little thing and never required regular walks as she can keep very active indoors. However, she absolutely loves going on walks! I've been slowly getting more gear to facilitate walking throughout the seasons such as coats, a harness and protective paw balm. The balm had been working well for the better part of a year, but she injured her little toe beans around Christmas. Although they have healed, they are still prone to getting raw. The salt, ice and cold pavement definitely don't help. So, we decided we'd finally give it and get some little protective booties. These are so tiny! I manage to get them on her paws, but haven't figured out the right level of tightness to make sure they don't fall off mid walk. The back paws seem to stay on, but the front paws are more challenging. I'm sure I'll get the hang of them in time. So far, she it totally unbothered by wearing them. She moves just as freely as she usually does. That's all that matters! Oh, and she looks so stinking cute, too!

FOUR// Purple Leggings
How many pairs of leggings are too many? Honestly, I don't think there is a limit. I've always worn legging a lot, whenever I'm working out, getting things done around the house or just lounging. But the pandemic has made that I reach for leggings more often (if that is even possible!) While I started out with a handful of Lululemons, I have to say that my go-tos are Old Navy Active leggings. The quality is there for the price point and they come in a variety of styles and patterns. There are so many options to choose from. My recent addition is these Plumeria Purple Powersoft Leggings. I really like the high waist on these! While I prefer brighter and bolder colours during the summer, I like some darker options for winter and these fit the bill. Also, they match well with my other workout gear. I'm big on the mixing and matching my workout sets!

FIVE // Big Brother Canada 10
Yes, I knew this was coming, but I am ready! While I watch Big Brother US, the Canadian version is by far my favourite. There is just something so laid-back and fun about a bunch of Canadians in a house. Sure, there are competitions and alliances, but there's also an overall feel of obvious camaraderie, which is refreshing. I also find the competition themes to be well thought-out, original and hilariously Canadian. I might be biased, but it's usually a very entertaining show that is a ray of sunshine during the dark winter evenings. Also, by the time BBCan is over, it'll be springtime! Season 10 will debut on Wednesday, March 2, 2022, on Global. 

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