1 Jul 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #204

ONE // Canada Day
Truth be told, it still doesn't feel right going full-out for Canada Day again this year. Certain truths about how our country came to be still don't sit right with me. The impact of residential schools is still very much felt and weighs on me. I think there is a way to reconcile past evils and committing to doing better and being better. First Nations have and will always be an integral part of the country we now call Canada and it must be acknowledged. That being said, the concept of Canada Day is still fairly recent as it was called Dominion Day up until 1982. That change marked a separation of sorts from the British Empire. If we've reimagined the day in the past, we can surely do it again. Learning and growing is part of the process and we have to acknowledge our past to shape a better future. Now is the time to reflect on what Canadian identity really is. I will be taking some quiet time to reflect on that today. Also, being physically located in the National Capital, I am still processing the trauma of the recent occupation and bracing for what is to come this weekend as there have been rumblings of more such convoys. All in all, I'm not exactly in a celebratory mood. There are plenty of reasons to be proud of my country, but there is still plenty of room for improvement.

TWO // Patriotic PJs
Staying on theme, I wanted to showcase my newest pyjama acquisition, ha ha! I'm a huge pyjama fan and have quite a few sets. Truth be told though, I tend to hang onto them until they are in tatters before replacing... I started getting a new set of flannel pyjamas every year a few years back so my winter options are in much better condition. The same cannot be said for my summer options. But I'm working on fixing that. I came across these cute Canadian-themed PJs at Giant Tiger and decided to get them. It's a mix and match situation, so I got the red maple leaf bottoms and a grey t-shirt. With this newest set, I decided I'd (finally) be retiring another set that has seen better days. I'm taking things one pyjama at a time.

THREE // Petunia Hanging Pots
Last summer we got our first hanging post for the pergola and loved it. In fact, we liked the look so much we decided it would be a yearly thing. I attempted to sprout my own petunias with the intention of reusing the same pots as last year. Sadly, they didn't take. We ended up buying new hanging pots this season with a red and white petunia arrangement. Last year, they were all white, but I am loving the mix of colours this year. The yard is really starting to take shape as our potted vegetables have started growing. Soon, everything will be green and lush!

FOUR // Birthday Boating
It was my husband's birthday this past week and all he wanted to do was go boating. So we went! On the day of, it was perfect boating weather. My husband picked me up at work (with the dog) and we headed out to a quiet spot on the river with some take-out. We really enjoyed our chill boat ride and he got to do a bit of fishing. This was our first time taking the boat out this season and it was perfect. The weather was sunny with just the right amount of clouds to give us little breaks here and there, making it not too hot either. We don't normally go out on week nights, but this exception was totally worth it! We're going to go out for a birthday dinner this weekend, but the boating date was the best thing for the day of. Really, spending quality time with one another is the most priceless gift we could ask for.

FIVE // Hocus Pocus 2
Switching gears a little now, skipping summer and going straight into fall, ha ha! Just kidding, but I do love fall, so any reason to look forward to it even more is welcome. The teaser for Hocus Pocus 2 finally dropped this week and I am so ready for this movie! I actually thought it was coming out last year, so you can imagine my disappointment when that was not the case. Hocus Pocus has always been one of my favourite Halloween movies because it captures the vibe of the season without being a horror movie. I always lean more towards the magical/fantastical style rather than horror and gore. The sequel will be available for streaming on Disney+ as of September 30, 2022. The witches will be back just in time for spooky season, and I can't wait to see what the Sanderson sisters will be up to this time around.

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