29 Jul 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #208

ONE // Mosaic Tile Nap Dress
I know I have plenty of Nap Dresses (and am still very happy with the ones I own), but I couldn't help myself when I saw the mosaic tile print. I knew I needed to add this print to my collection. It's so perfect for summer and I've already worn it a handful of times. The print is stunning in person and I feel like I'm on vacation when I wear it. It instantly transports me to the Mediterranean (even though I've never been...) When selecting my Nap Dresses, I try to stick with prints and patterns that are versatile and that I can wear most of the year, as opposed to something that is very seasonal. I know how well these dresses layer, so if I can style a print for the colder weather than it's already a better option. I'd say this particular print is very spring/summer, but because of the blue, I know I can style it with navy tights and a chunky white sweater for winter too. So far, I've been able to wear pretty much every dress of my collection all year round and think that's the best way to make the most of it. Besides, they are so comfortable, I want to wear them all the time, not just a few months out of the year.

TWO // New Driveway
Even since we moved back home post fire, we've been meaning to get our driveway redone. Six years later, and here we are! It was a long time coming, but the result is perfection. Having had pretty much everything else redone, it was the missing piece to really transform the front of our house. I was all excited when the work was getting done and absolutely fascinated by the workers and how everyone was practically choreographed into an efficient process. I was overseeing from our bedroom window, so had a nice bird's-eye view of the entire job. I never thought I'd be glued to my window watching it all take shape, ha ha! The things that now bring me joy as a homeowner. Who have I become?  I can at least appreciate the skill and artistry that goes into it. Precision is very much necessary and I have a new-found appreciation for asphalt labourers.

THREE // Poshmark
I've been wanting to do a major closet clean out/sort through since we moved back home post fire in 2017. However, the timing was not great because I was not in the right mindset to purge. I had lost a substantial amount of my wardrobe and desperately wanted to hang onto the pieces I had left. Fast-forward a few years and my closet is bursting at the seams. Truthfully, I'd been ready for the purge for a few years, but was daunted by the monumental task. Over my Christmas break in 2021, I decided to start and take it little by little. I started with sweaters and worked my way through every clothing category one by one. Once I sorted out the items I no longer loved or wore, I washed them and set them aside to sell second-hand. I decided to set up a Poshmark account and have uploaded at least 50 items so far. I'll keep adding items every few days until everything is posted. I have a lot of items and posting takes time, so I'm trying to take this project one step at a time. Should you be interested in owning items from my personal closet, then head on over to this link and peruse the selection. While some items are older, everything is in good condition as I've always been meticulous in caring for my wardrobe. Also, most if not all items have been featured on the blog at some point. Happy shopping.

FOUR // Orchid Rebirth
Last week, I noticed that my little orchid is finally growing a new stem! My poor plant has not grown a stem nor flowered since August 2020. At that time, it was actually growing two stems at once! That was the first time this particular plant did that and I was beyond happy about it. Sadly, I broke both stems when trying to clip them to their stakes... It was unintentional, but the stems are so delicate that they just snapped. I was devastated. 

For the last two years, it's still been alive and growing roots, but I had interfered with its flowering cycle. Usually, after a stem is done flowering, it is cut. Then, the plant loses a leaf, grows a new leaf, then a new stem. At least, that's the pattern I noticed with my plant. This spring, I noticed a leaf had  started dying. This was good! Once the leaf fell, a new one sprouted. I knew the next thing to grow would be a stem and I was regularly checking my plants for any signs of it. Low and behold, one has finally started growing. I will not touch this one and hopefully my plant will bloom for the first time in two years. My poor little pandemic plant!

FIVE // Gingham Peplum Top
I was not looking for any new tops, but came across this cutie while short shopping... I could not resist! I mean, the baby blue gingham, the flutter sleeves, the peplum: it's perfect! I knew I needed it ASAP. Oh, did I mention the top can also be worn off the shoulder? I mean, it's versatile. The only question left was: do I also get the navy and blush colourways? I was good and resisted the temptation to get all three and settled for the baby blue option. I realize it was a top I did not need, but it was cute, on sale and I even used points towards the purchase so the store practically gave it to me. It's the perfect thing to wear to be cute and comfortable while it not being a t-shirt. It's my new go to summer top.

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