15 Jul 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #206

ONE // Pool Date
My husband had to work on a project with a classmate, so she invited us over to enjoy the pool. Truth be told, I made the most of the pool as I wasn't busy doing homework. The inflatable flamingo was all mine, ha! That is until the children showed up and insisted on sharing the floaty... At least they didn't knock me off it! It was a great afternoon spent enjoying the sunshine followed by a late BBQ dinner on the patio. It was nice to have a seemingly normal summer day splashing, laughing and sun-shining away. We'll have to do it again very soon!

TWO // A Breath of Snow and Ashes
I have been reading a lot lately. Ever since I picked up my book again late February, I not only finished the fourth book of the Outlander series, but I've also finished the fifth one and started the sixth! However, it was not as smooth sailing as expected... Back when I started the series, I had borrowed the first four books from my sister. I hadn't worried about getting the next ones as I still had so much to read. By last summer, I was wrapping up the third book, so got to procuring the rest of the books in the series. I was able to track the four remaining books in used book stores (this is before the ninth book was released, I still have to get my hands on this one). About a week or so ago, I had settled in the backyard one evening with the intention of finishing the fifth book, as I only had a handful of pages to go, or so I thought. I had even taken the next book out of the cupboard and had it ready to go as soon as I finished the fifth. Well, turns out my copy of The Fiery Cross ended mid-sentence. I was shocked, surprised, annoyed and bewildered. I examined the book itself and it was in great condition with no indication whatsoever that pages had been removed at any point. I proceeded to then research how many pages and chapters should be in the book to confirm that my copy was in fact 2 chapters short! This has never happened to me before. I know misprints happen, but this seamed like a rather big mistake... I immediately hopped on various library websites to see if I could borrow and e-version, to no avail. I was getting more annoyed as time went on, so dropped my search for the evening. The following day, I resigned myself to acquiring an e-version to finally finish the book. Thank goodness I had my Kobo e-reader on standby, ha ha! I am now about 200 pages into the next one and simply devouring it. You'll be glad to know that I checked to make sure all pages were there before starting this book. All pages are accounted for!

THREE // NSale - Canada!
Last week, I spoke of the Early Access to the U.S. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and this week it's Canada's turn! We only got one day of Early Access (which was yesterday) and the sale opens to the public today for both countries! Last week, I shared some previews of the U.S. sale in a widget, but this week's is all the Canadian options. Sadly, I was right in predicting it would be slimmer pickings for Canada (we only get about a third of the total items on offer...) Either way, there are still some very good, solid fall choices. I'm always drawn to the fall colour palette, so most of my choices reflect that. As I said before, I don't actually need anything as my fall wardrobe is already pretty extensive. However, I think I will have to get some of my favourite underwear

FOUR // Pandora
There was a time I was obsessed with my Pandora charm bracelets. I abruptly stopped wearing them after the fire in August 2016. First, it was because they were simply too dirty/damaged to wear so I didn't wear them until I could bring them to my jeweller and have them looked over and thoroughly cleaned. It was heartbreaking really. My bracelet started out as a graduation gift. Each family member had gotten me a charm to start my bracelet. I had spent so much time curating my charm collection and each bead has a meaning. Lindsay at True Bijoux was a real gem in helping me get all my fine jewelry back in order following the fire. She even went as far as giving me some of the past Pandora gifts with purchase she had left over. Mostly little travel jewelry boxes. I basically stored my freshly cleaned collection in said boxes for safe keeping and pretty much haven't worn them since. We were displaced for so long and it took even longer to make our house a home again, so my Pandora bracelets just lived in their boxes. I've worn pieces here and there, but nowhere near as regularly as I once did. Perhaps it's just a phase. However, I did get the urge to wear one this week, my teal one specifically. Something in me just said, it's time to wear them again. Besides, they were so well cleaned that the patina is all gone and that will only come back with regular wear. So hopefully the feeling lasts and I fall in love again with my collection. 

FIVE // Denim Shorts Haul
I know I've been talking about fall lately, but I do realize there's still a lot of summer to go. Last week, I mentioned that I had done a good clear out of my shorts and got some new styles. Well, here are the three pairs of denim shorts I got recently. Funnily enough, they are all from different stores! The dark wash frayed hem shorts are from Ricki's and I really love the fit. These are a classic pair of dark wash jeans that can be a very versatile as they are simple and a decent length. The light wash shorts are from H&M and these are a bit trendier as they are high-rise with button fly. The vintage feel makes them a good casual option. Finally, I got a pair of white cuffed shorts from Old Navy. Like the dark wash, these are a basic that can be worn time and again. They can work for casual settings to even a bit more dressy as they are not distressed in any way. So there you have it, my new denim shorts. I think I'll be covered for any casual summer dress code with these new additions.

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