22 Jul 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #207

ONE // Seersucker Maxi Dress
I recently wore this dress during one of the hottest days we've had so far. I got it at the end of last summer and didn't get to wear it often before the seasons changed. It was like a new little discovery in my closet, ha! I love a good maxi dress for summer and the print (check) and fabric (seersucker) make this one a perfect summer option. Seersucker is known for being a fabric that breathes, which is always a bonus in sweltering heat. Also, the light blue and pink colour palette of the check is sweet and refreshing. Finally, the shape of the dress is loose-fitting (meaning it won't stick to you in the heat) and has a low back with a tie detail. I love a good bow moment, so this was the cherry on top for me. A perfect summer dress that fits my aesthetic to a T!

TWO // Pond Floral Swimsuit
Last week, Hill House had a swimsuit restock and launched two new gingham prints (lilac and emerald). While I love the new prints, I still prefer the Pond Floral that I got a few weeks ago. I wore it for the first time to our backyard *pool* last weekend and absolutely love everything about it! I have the Rosie one-piece and the ruffle sleeves are everything! They actually stand out very well and add so much flair. The print is obviously another great feature, but the pink lining takes the cake. I couldn't have asked for a more flattering, feminine swimsuit. I'm all about making a splash, and this suit delivers!

THREE // July Ipsy
I received my glam bag for July last week only to be stunned about the bag itself upon opening the package... Instead of the turquoise bag with wave detail and starfish zipper pull, I got a repeat leopard print bag for 2019. I know, because I got this exact same bag in November 2019. I was very bummed as I was actually really looking forward to the bag itself this month. Not a big deal, but still a disappointment. 

As for the products, I got everything I was supposed to, so there's that. My favourite is by far the eyeshadow palette! I love the lengthening feature of the mascara. The Apto cleanser is a mild one leaving my face feeling very clean and soft, the eye cream is very moisturizing and the honey cream smells exactly like honey! For add-ons the month, I stocked up on a few favourites: the KP Bump Eraser, this foot cream, and a Tatcha and Goldfaden moisturizers. I'm very happy with my product selection. Were it not for the bag mishap, this would have been a 10 out of 10 month.

FOUR // Workout Skort
Boy did I ever find the best workout skort out there! I've had workout skorts in the past (even a few Lululemons), but have never loved one so much as this Old Navy style! This is not a drill! At first, I was a bit put off by the fact the shorts are longer than the skirt hem. Being a fan of their leggings, I figured I'd give it a shot. I am here to say that I actually love this feature now! What I like about it is that the shorts are actually long enough to prevent chafing when working out (I wore this on a run) and makes it obvious you're wearing a skort, as opposed to keeping people guessing. It's like "no, I'm not running in this short skirt, it's got shorts underneath." Not that this is a conversation people have, but I like that this is obviously a skort, yet still looks cute and has that skirt vibe. I first got the white one, but ended up getting a black as well because it's just that good! Aside: I also got another colour of one of my favourite sports bras because it's lilac...

FIVE // Newest Shorts
To round off my shorts refresh, I present you with the colourful selection! I think my love of colour is well known, therefore acquiring a colourful array of shorts was in order. I had already presented you my powder blue shorts, so omitted them from this photo. I stuck to the more structured and high-waisted options as those are the silhouettes I prefer. I also find them a bit more polished (but still comfortable) and better options for an office environment. I ended up getting the beige gingham shorts from H&M, the blush shorts with waist tie from Joe Fresh and the mustard yellow shorts from Banana Republic. I love them all! Now, I just have to wear each and every pair before the summer's out. I'm up for the challenge, ha ha!

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