3 Mar 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #239

ONE // Winter
While we are in March, it is still unmistakably winter. If this week proved anything, it's that. We got a lot of snow this week! While I enjoy the bouts of mild weather between storms, I'm not fooled into thinking the season is over. I don't mind snowy days when I work from home and can stay cozy indoors, but my little fur ball loves a snow day! She enjoys nothing more than bulldozing through the fresh powder in the yard and hopping around like a rabbit. She is truly in her element and revels in this type of weather. She particularly loves going for walks in the flurries and I indulge her. If the sidewalks haven't been plowed yet, it also makes for a really good workout for the dog walker (aka me!) as e snow makes it extra challenging. I don't quite hop along like the dog does... Here's to making the most of what the season has to offer!

TWO // Titanic - 25th Anniversary
Turns out that Titanic is playing in cinemas again to mark its 25th anniversary. I remember when this movie came out, but had never seen it in theatres. I've seen it many times and often would catch bits and pieces of it when it played in TV, but had not sat down to really watch it in a very long time. Neither had my mom. She was in town last week and I suggested we go see it. It was a great mother-daughter night out! We got all the snacks, brought our blankets and settled into the comfy recliners for a trip down memory lane. I find this movie aged well. There was only one spot where I could tell the ship was rendered with special effects. These little catches are probably more obvious to the trained eye, but to me it was still a great production. There are plenty of bits that I didn't quite recall, so it was nice to really watch it from beginning to end, without having to switch over to the second VHS. If you know, you know, ha ha! We both enjoyed our outing very much. I highly recommend seeing it in on the big screen. Check your local theatres to see if it's being featured.

THREE // Cat Library Puzzle
It was a stormy snow day on Tuesday, so I decided to pull out of my favourite puzzles as I was hunkering down and avoiding the storm. This cat library puzzle is so soothing to assemble. The image is calming and brings a sense of peace. I love putting together the fun book titles and trying to figure out which cat pieces go where. I love order and books, so the visual of all the books lined up on the shelves is very satisfying. Besides the image, which is colourful and challenging, the pieces are all irregular. This adds to the difficulty level and really keeps the puzzle from being too by the book (for lack of better wording). I love returning to my favourite puzzles because, although you've done it time and again, it always feels a little different because you never assemble it in the exact same order. Isn't that fascinating?

FOUR // Evergreen Bodysuit
I don't have many bodysuits, but I do have a few I like. This rushed, V-neck evergreen is one I love wearing. It's very comfortable and it's a great option for fall through winter. I've worn it around the holidays too, as the deep green is a great festive option. That being said, I find it also works very well in the late winter, right up to springtime - think Saint Patrick's Day. This particular bodysuit has long sleeves, which makes it ideal for colder weather, and the fabric is thin, which make it great for layering under sweaters or blazers. This one has the snap button closure in the gusset, making it easy to use the restroom. Another trick I like is to snap my bodysuit over my tights because it keeps them from riding down. If you know, you know!

FIVE // Ted Lasso - Season 3
Don't you just love it when a show you enjoy releases a new season? I've loved this show since the first episode and find it to be real and endearing. I like watching feel-good shows and this one really delivers. It has such heart! I can't wait to be reunited with the team in season 3, which premieres on Apple TV on March 15. I also appreciate that we don't have to wait ages for the episodes after the season teaser... Droughtlander is a thing, IYKYK.

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