10 Mar 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #240

ONE // G&G Spring Collection
While I took advantage of the exclusive Easter drop from Grace & Grandeur, I have to say, the spring collection is perfection! The collection launched on Wednesday and includes Ballet Slipper Pink and Vintage Blue velvet bows, gorgeous satin fabric bows in Pink Betsy Chinoiserie, Teal Canton Rose and Green Hydrangea. While I recently got blush pink, lilac and light blue bows, I think I can sit this one out. However, I am very tempted by the fabric bows and would have a hard time not getting one of each because the prints are all so perfect!

TWO // Nude Sheertex Tights
After pre-ordering my pair of nude Sheertex tights back in November, they have finally arrived! I'd been waiting years for the company to relaunch their nude tights. They were working on improving them. That's why, when they brought them back for a limited time, I didn't hesitate to get some. I opted for the lightest tone (which is NO2) as I thought that would be the closest match to my skin tone. They are no longer on the website, so I can't link to the different shades. My tights arrived and they fit great, the same fit as my other pairs. I do find the material to be thicker and less sheer than my counterpart black tights. I also find they don't stay up as well, which makes me think the compression is a bit less. All in all, they are a great nude tight option, but they still don't replace my barely-there nylons... Perhaps Sheertex will be working on different levels of sheerness next for their nude tights because they do have ultra-sheer black options. Time will tell.

THREE // Mrs. Maisel - Season 5
This is it, the final season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I'm sad it's ending, but glad it's ending while it's still good! I just love this series so much and am thrilled we even got this many seasons. All good things must come to an end, but I'll be savouring this last season until the very last second. I'm looking forward to more fabulous outfits, witty banter and crude humour, ha! This is a real gem of a show and I can't wait for April 14 to delve back into the world of Midge Maisel!

FOUR //Nordstrom No More...
It was a sad day last week when Nordstrom announced it was closing all of its Canadian stores and deactivating its Canadian website. To be honest I'm not surprised. Ever since the company opened stores in Canada in 2014, the offerings were never as great as the counterpart U.S. stores. We also didn't get online shopping until well into 2020. The Anniversary Sale wasn't even comparable between Canada and the U.S. While I liked shopping at Nordstrom, it was also convenient for me to get to a brick-and-mortar location. However, the access was all but inaccessible to most Canadians. Like I said, I'm not surprised the company did not succeed in Canada. It was the same when Target ventured north of the border... I'll make the most of the liquidation sale at my local store, but that'll be that. It's sad, but I don't think I'll really miss it. 

FIVE // Fresh Groom
My fluffy puppy was in need of a fresh haircut, so she went to the groomers the other day. While I like her all fluffy, her fur does tend to mat easily and that's no fun for anyone. We've noticed that her fur mats particularly under her armpits (is that the right word?) because she wears a lot of sweaters this time of year. She absolutely adores wearing her sweaters and asked us to put them on her, so not wearing them is not an option. We're better off keeping her fur shorter to prevent matting. Since spring is just around the corner, this means that our daily walks are about to get very soggy and muddy, so shorter fur will be quick drying and easier to keep clean. She's always extra cuddly when she's all clean and fresh!

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