19 May 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #250

ONE // Cherry Blossoms
I had to wait a little longer this year, but the cherry and apple trees have finally blossomed! It usually happens at the beginning of May, but we had a week a rain so it was a bit delayed this year. I just enjoy their ephemeral beauty and look forward to my neighbourhood walks to admire all the pretty pink blossoms. They bring me so much joy and are a true marker that spring has arrived.

TWO // Gingham Matching Top
I'm a big fan of a matching set. Always have been, and probably always will be. Last summer, I did a big short refresh in my wardrobe and one of the pairs I got were some beige gingham ones from H&M.  I did not realize there was a matching top available. I'm not sure how I missed this, but I somehow did. Fast-forward to a few weeks ago when I was perusing the site and came across this puff-sleeved beauty! I audibly gasped when I realized it was a matching piece that completes a set. It was on clearance and I scooped it up right away. I ended up getting one size up because my usual size was sold out. But I was determined to make it work. It's a tie-back style top, so this gave me some wiggle room. I tried it on for size when it arrived and I was right about the tie-back style being very adjustable. The only thing I had to do was slightly take in the cross-back straps and everything was hunky-dory. I can't wait to take the complete set for a spin!

THREE // Hill House Summer Drop
It's the biggest and most anticipated drop of the year for Hill House, I mean, it's the reason #NapDressSummer is a thing. I, myself, have been stalking their socials for all the sneak peeks possible and drooled over the line sheet. This is probably the biggest drop yet and I'd be lying if I didn't find it a bit overwhelming. There is so much to digest. We've got classic stripes, beautiful hydrangea prints, tiny sail boats, seashells and (my favourite) basket weave print. I mean, there is something for everybody. Besides the wide array of prints and colours, there is an equally wide selection of styles. New ones, old favourites and even some more OG Hill House styles. It was hard narrowing down my selection, but I live for the rush of a Nap Room on launch days. IYKYK

FOUR // Mint Floral Scarf
I love scarves and am a firm believer that there is a scarf for all seasons. I like a chunky flannel scarf for fall/winter and a printed banana scarf for spring/summer. I like the latter because of its versatility. I wear them around my neck, styled in my hair or to adorn my cute bags. I love the way a little scarf can add interest to your look with a simple pop of print or colour. My recent addition is this mint floral scarf. I love the cheerful colour palette and think it will complete so many of my springtime outfits. When wearing fewer layers during the warmer months, a scarf is an easy way to add an element of interest to your outfit without it having an impact on your comfort level. 

FIVE // Cheese Tasting
I was lucky enough to get to attend a cheese tasting at work the other day. My workplace has a Staff Month every year during which a variety of activities are planned. One of my colleagues is taking a cheesemonger courses and put together an immersive crash course for us. We sampled and discussed a selection of 11 cheeses ranging from Camembert to Goudas and Gorgonzolas. We also had a selection of potential accompaniments including grapes, apples, crackers, baguette, honey and quince jelly. Basically, I got to enjoy an educational cheese board during the work day. No complaints here! 

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