12 May 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #249

ONE // Aquarium
I recently got to go visit the aquarium in the bioscience building at the university. It's not huge, but it's still pretty great! There are corals and lots of Tang fish, amongst others. There is something so peaceful and relaxing watching an aquarium. I get the calming appeal. It's similar to watching a fireplace. It's grounding. I loved taking in all the colours and watching the behaviours of the different fish and how they interact with one another and their ecosystem. It's mesmerizing! It reminded me of the time I when scuba diving off the coast of Cozumel. 

TWO // Shaping Shorts
Here is one of the less glamorous sides of summer. When the warm weather comes around, I'm all about dresses and skirts. Light and airy is my modus operandi. That being said, the heat and humidity can be real challenges. I'm no fan of chafing and have tried many things in the past to keep it at bay. Last summer, I discovered these light shaping biker shorts from H&M. When I tell you they are a game changer, I'm not exaggerating! These lightweight, seamless, and non-restricting shorts have become my MVP of summer dressing. Not only are they perfect for preventing thigh chafing, I also think of them as a slip. They offer extra coverage under light or unlined garments as well as protecting your modesty when wind gusts come out of nowhere. Lastly, they do work as a slight shaping garment in that they help smooth everything. I loved them so much, I have now bought them three times to have enough pairs to last me a week of dress wearing. The price is right and they come in a two-pack, I mean, what are you waiting for?

THREE // Queen Charlotte
Staying on my royalty-related activities as of late, so thought I'd start watching the new Bridgerton spinoff on Netflix. Turns out it's the perfect post-coronation tonic! Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is a fun reimagining of the life of Queen Charlotte who married King George the III. It's a fictional story loosely based on historical facts. Not unlike The Crown, this show is to be enjoyed with caution, as it is not an accurate depiction of the story. That being said, I enjoy the aesthetic and universe imagined by Shonda Rhimes for its whimsy and for its envisioning of a more diverse Regency period. The story follows the beginnings of Charlotte and George's relationship with a dual timeline of Charlotte, Lady Danbury and the Vicountess Bridgerton in their younger days. It's a great series that focuses on one of the standout characters of the Bridgerton series. It's just the type of show I enjoy for its escapism!

FOUR // Summer Sweater Vest
I'm well and truly into my sweater vest era and I'm okay with that. I bought my very first one ages ago and always loved wearing it, but my love for the garment was renewed when I got an ivory one this fall. It's such a great layering piece, especially under a blazer for that layered sweater look without the bulk. I immediately fell in love with this white and ivory one and thought it would be a really great addition for spring and summer as it's a lighter pointelle knit. I plan on wearing it on its own during warmer days and also layered for cooler ones. It's both chic and casual, making it a great versatile piece to style.

FIVE // Lunch Dates
Now that the weather is nice again, my colleague and I have taken up our outdoor lunch dates. Since we are both working a hybrid format, we actually book our lunch get-togethers. It gives us something to look forward to on the days we are in person and we get to catch up. We had our first lunch out of the terrace this week and it was great! We find a picnic table in a nice quiet area and bring our packed lunches. It's nothing too elaborate, but it just does us both so much good - fresh air and great company will do wonders to lift your spirit! Looking forward to many more during the summer.

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