5 May 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #248

ONE // King Charles III
It's the coronation tomorrow! I'm so excited! I've been getting up at the crack of dawn since 2011 to watch royal events live. I watched weddings, funerals and everything in between. However, tomorrow's event will be particularly historic. I know royal watching isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I take great enjoyment in it. Some people get really invested in athletes and sports teams, I follow all things royal. I'm not sure if or when I'll get the chance to witness such this type of history in the making again, so I'm making sure to mark the event so that I can remember it. I'll be watching it on my own in my basement, as I have done in the past, so that I can take it all in, and process in my own time. There will be a few live streams on YouTube. I plan to just connect to one of those and maybe bounce around a few different streams until I find one I like. I do recommend streaming from a British news channel as they are more likely to have accurate information.

TWO // Coronation Quiche
Since I won't be attending the festivities in person, I wanted to do as much as I could to bring the festivities to me. That means that I set my sights on attempting to make my very own Coronation Quiche! I bought all the ingredients and got to work. This was my first time attempting any type of crust from scratch and I think it turned out beautifully. However, instead of making one big quiche, I opted to make mini quiches as I thought that size would be better suited for little nibbles. I accidentally doubled the batch of dough, but that turned out to be a good thing as it meant I had enough to make at least 24 mini quiches. But I could have easily halved the amount of filling required as the tiny little cups could only take very little of the egg mixture. Not to worry, I used it all up and made bigger muffin-sized egg bites with my leftover filling. While they turned out delicious and very cute, I could have rolled my dough even thinner and added more salt and pepper to my egg mix. I, for one, am a fan of the fava beans in the quiche and found it to be delicious!

THREE // Laurel Headband
I might be sitting alone on my couch in the wee hours of the morning, but I will be bringing the bling, ha ha! I mean, when else will it be acceptable to wear a tiara? Actually, I can think of other occasions requiring such adornment, but I digress. I randomly happened across this metal laurel headband and thought I just needed it for coronation day. I mean, that's justification enough, right? Truth be told, I had a similar metal laurel headband that didn't survive the fire, so this was meant to be. Besides, with its very Caesar vibes, I could totally repurpose said tiara for a toga party. Now, I need to plan a toga party...

FOUR // Viewing Tea Party
Taking things one party at a time and right now, it's tea party time. I plan on making myself a little spread of delectable bite-sized treats for my viewing of the coronation. I'll start with making myself a big pot of tea with milk and sugar. My tea tray will likely include a few mini coronation quiches (obviously), a couple scones with jam and perhaps a little yogurt parfait with berries. We'll see how motivated I am when I wake up tomorrow, but that is the plan! I think a little mix of sweet and savoury eats, paired with a cup (or two) of warm tea should be just the thing to accompany my coronation viewing. While I'd love to one day own and Emma Bridgewater mug, I'll settle for the mugs I do have.

FIVE // Ring Light
I got myself a simple ring light a few years ago, but have just started using it more regularly lately. While it comes with its own little tripod, I've figured out how to use it with my bigger camera tripod. However, I also find using just the little tripod sans light very practical for filming reels on the go. Being hands-free is so great! Not to mention, having my phone stay still to take multiple shots is very helpful for the transition effects. It tends to take me a while to get used to using new tools, anyone else? I've learned such a different skill set over the years of running a blog. I never thought I'd be talking about ring lights and tripods... The life of a content creator, am I right?

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