26 May 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #251

ONE // Summer PJs
It's time to trade my winter flannel pyjamas for some lighter summer sets. I recently used a gift card on this super soft short set from La Vie en Rose and it's so comfortable! I actually spend a lot of time wearing pyjamas, so want them to be comfortable and cozy. Even though I wear them a lot, I always find it hard to justify buying new pyjamas. I tend to hang onto them for years and  always hesitate to invest in new sets. It's odd, I can't explain it. I never regret getting a fresh set of pyjamas, so I'm not sure why I hesitate. All that to say that I'm very happy with my new short pyjamas and will try to not feel bad when buying more in the future.

TWO // The Little Mermaid
Today's the day - the release of Disney's live action The Little Mermaid! I had been looking forward to this one for a long time as it was one of two favourites growing up (the other being Beauty and the Beast). The casting is promising and I'm looking forward to seeing how the under-the-sea world is depicted in live action. I predict the dark scenes will be even darker because of the natural creepy factor of the deep and lack of natural light. I'm a bit apprehensive of the interpretation of Ariel's sidekicks because the cartoon versions are much more endearing than what I've seen so far... At first glance, Sebastian and Flounder are, let's say, not quite as cute. I'm keeping an open mind! While I've seen every Disney live action remakes in cinemas, this time I plan on going with my niece! I can't wait to share this experience with her and live it through the eyes of a child.

THREE // May Ipsy
This month's floral bag is bold and simply bursting with great skincare products and just a couple make-up bits for glowy, summer skin. I'll start with the face scrub, which is great. I'm liking the serum and the face oil as well, especially in my nighttime routine. I'd been wanting to try the Elemis cleansing balm and it's okay, but I'd say it's very comparable to the Clinique one I'd been using for years now. I do like the travel size, though, so that will be practical. The face mask is nice; until it's time to peel it off. Perhaps I didn't use enough product, but I had a time trying to peel every bit off... However, the sunscreen is a big win in my book! It's got a great, lightweight texture that applies smoothly and without sheen. Oh, and it smells great, not the usual sunscreen scent. I'll end with the cream blush and highlighter. Both a great for a subtle summer glow. This month's bag is a big winner for me!

FOUR // Navy Leggings
I love a good pair of leggings. While I do wear them to work out, they are also my go to for lounging and just puttering around the house getting things done. I had been wanting a simple pair of navy leggings for a long time, but never got around to it because I didn't really need another pair of leggings. Turns out the excuse I needed was planning some outfits for a trip. I decided to get some basic navy leggings from Old Navy and they are just what I was looking for. No bells or whistles - clean, simple navy leggings. At first glance, I am finding the fabric thinner than my other pairs, so am hoping they won't fall apart or go see through on me. I did do the crazy squatting test in front of the mirror and everything seems to be in order. Hopefully, it stays that way, ha ha!

FIVE // Summer Pup
When the seasons change, one thing remains - the dog is probably due for a groom! We took her in the other day and got a good trim - just in time for the warm weather. She's definitely an outside dog and loves lounging in the sun, so the less fluff on her, the better. She always looks like such a different dog when she gets a hair cut. Truthfully, I love her all fluffy because her fur is so soft, but it also mats easily, so it's better to keep it shorter. I made sure to get as much fluffy snuggles in as I could before she went in. She's still snuggly now, just a lot less fluffy, ha ha!

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