6 Oct 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #269

ONE // Pumpkin Pillow
Bake in July, I stumbled upon this pumpkin pillow at Simons. It was hiding among other decorative pillows in the home section and I had to stifle a literal squeal of delight! The first thing I did when clapping eyes on it was to grab it and hug it! I know, odd behaviour, but I couldn't help my childlike reaction to this discovery. These pillows were either put out too early (as there was no other fall piece at all) or they were purposefully not put on full display because it was so early (it was not available on the website yet). Either way, I found it and it came home with me that day! It has found a home on my couch or living room chair and fits perfectly into my fall home d├ęcor. This pillow was not a want, but a need. Zero regrets.

TWO // Stuffed Pretzels
I've been hanging onto this recipe for a full year now. I found it last year when looking up apple recipes to use up our freshly picked apples. Well, now that I have fresh apples again, it was time to give this a whirl. I'd made pretzels before, so felt confident I could manage these caramelized apple and cheddar stuffed pretzels. Turns out, I was right and successfully made them! These were big and filling. I loved the combination of flavours and didn't find them to be too sweet at all, which I had feared a bit at first. While I made the pretzels without any issues, I didn't fare so well with the accompanying caramel sauce... I cooked it for too long and was closer to making hard candy than a sauce. Fear not, my husband seized the opportunity to make little caramels. He manipulated the (very) hot mixture between sheets of parchment paper into a long caramel snake. We then cut up the pieces and wrapped them individually. Turns out they are very tasty caramels! Happy little accident!

THREE // Houndstooth Mini Skirt
I have a soft spot for woven and textured mini skirts, especially this time of year if they have a houndstooth or checked pattern. Even better if in a warm colour palette. I'd been looking for the perfect one for a few years now. I had gotten a similar one two seasons ago, but it never fit quite right. I kept it and wore it regardless of fit because I liked the rest so much. Well, when I spotted this one at Old Navy, I scooped it up right away! I love that this colour scheme includes orange, making it the quintessential fall piece. The front slit also gives it good character. I'm so happy I finally have a perfect houndstooth skirt that fits well! 

FOUR // Practical Magic
I realize I am way too many years late to this party, but I finally decided to watch Practical Magic. I'd never seen it and it was one of the things I had on my fall bucket list this year. I'm not sure how I missed this movie growing up, but it somehow flew under my radar... Not need to panic, I've remediated the issue and finally sat down to discover this movie. I absolutely loved everything about it! The cast is perfection, the soundtrack transports me, the story is actually good and the 90s styling is giving me major nostalgia. I don't know if it's because I grew up in the 90s, but I find that decade produced many great Halloween and fall movies. I'm talking about classics you want to watch every year and that embody the essence of the season. Practical Magic checked all the boxes for me and has been added to my fall movie watch list for years to come. So happy I finally got around to seeing what the hype was about and it totally lives up to it!

FIVE // Fall B&BW Products
I picked up a couple little things from Bath & Body Works because this is the time of year during which they carry my favourite scent profiles. I try to be reasonable and only buy products I actually need because I could buy the whole store based solely on how great stuff smells. Alas, I try to limit myself to the products I'll use in the near future. Therefore I got a body wash (Fall in Bloom) and a hand sanitizer (Pumpkin Apple). Always great to use products with seasonal scents. I'm a big scent girly, so this stuff makes a big difference to me.

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