13 Oct 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #270

ONE // Pumpkins After Dark
This spooky seasonal exposition came to town and it was an immediate add to my fall bucket list. I like this kind of artistic display and always enjoy partaking. Pumpkins After Dark is an outdoor walk-through display of thousands of hand-carved jack-o-lanterns. The pathway is lit with pumpkin sculptures depicting superheroes to classic Halloween characters and everything in between. The entire display is brought to life with music, sound effects and other special effects. It's a great way to spend a spooky evening outdoors with friends and family (it's totally kid-friendly) and taking in the spirit of the season.

TWO // 
Brown Booties
I had been wanting a basic chocolate-brown bootie for a few years now. I have a suede stiletto ankle bootie, but it's more dressy. I wanted something casual that could be worn with any look. I was also hoping for a block heel because I just find them to be sturdier and more comfortable for all-day wear. Well, Old Navy totally delivered with this faux-leather bootie! It's exactly what I was looking for. Actually, it's even better because of the embossed pattern. They also have a padded foot bed which takes the comfort level up a notch. I am so pleased with my new fall booties!

THREE // Mushroom Candles
When I say I went whole hog on mushrooms for my d├ęcor this season, I meant it. After getting some wooden mushrooms at Homesense, these adorable toadstool candles were next. My husband was running an errand right next to a Michael's, so I said I'd pop in just to have a look around. Well, he had to come find me and that's when I subtly pointed out these adorable candles. They were on sale for buy one and get the other half price. He obliged and we got a large one with a set of three matching itty-bitty mushrooms. I don't plan on burning them, but simply displaying them year after year. They are so cute I can't stand it! 

FOUR // Fall Bows
Another season, another set of seasonal hair bows! Fall is my favourite season so it's hard for me to resist my favourite pieces in warm tones and textured fabrics. While I got a few great bows last year (that all came back this year), I did fall for some new ones. I had to get the velvet Marigold and the new fabric Clara in Cinnamon. I also took the opportunity to get the green block print bow that I skipped out on last year. They are all so perfect and have already all been worn! I actually plan on wearing the green bow right through the holidays, it's such a beautiful forest green. 

FIVE // New Sunglasses
I've been wearing prescription sunglasses since the age of four. Actually, my first ever pair of prescription glasses were sunglasses. A very cute purple tortoise frame. I've been on quite the eye journey since basically birth, so I'm no stranger to eyewear. I am not a contender for laser eye surgery, but that's fine because I actually enjoy wearing glasses. To me, they're just another accessory, always have been. All that to say that I got my eyes checked this summer and finally got around to updating my prescription. I decided to stick with my current eye glasses frame and just swap out the lenses because I still very much like that frame. However, I finally decided to get some new prescription sunglasses this time around. I'd been keeping the same frame and just swapping out the lenses for the past ten years or so, so I was due for an update! I chose a plastic frame with big lenses because I like that extra coverage. It's always a treat to get new glasses!

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