2 Feb 2024

Mimi Takes Five - #286

ONE // Birthday Dinner
My birthday was on a Saturday this year which is great! I got to sleep in and do whatever I felt like doing. Spent a bit of time getting birthday wishes on social media and phone calls. My husband surprised me with a chocolate cake and candles, so I got to do the whole birthday cake thing! We then went out to dinner at a restaurant we'd had on our to-try list for the longest time - Les Fougères. It totally lived up to expectations! It was a great day and I liked that I could fully focus on it because it was on one of my days off. 

TWO // Birthday Gift
I've been resisting wireless ear buds for the longest time now. And my husband's been trying to convince me to try them for the same amount of time. Well, let's just say he made a statement by gifting me AirPods for my birthday, ha ha! I was perfectly content with my wired ear buds and was worried about losing a wireless bud, not to mention having yet another device to keep charged. I did laugh when opening my gift and he was really hoping I wouldn't be disappointed because, as recently as Christmas, I mentioned not wanting any. Well, he took a risk and, lucky for him, it paid off. The minute I opened them, I put them in my ears and made a phone call to test them out. Connecting them to my phone could not have been easier and I'd say my transition to using them was just as smooth. I actually like wearing them around the house - now I can listen to my podcasts without any distractions. I've been wearing them during my commute this week and am still worried about losing them. I keep checking to make sure they are still in my ears, no unlike how I always check that my earrings are still there. So I like them. My husband won this debate, ha ha!

FOUR // Lessons in Chemistry
This series, which premiered in the fall, completely flew under my radar. I'm not sure how I missed it, but it's exactly the kind of show I like. A strong female lead character, going again the grain in a vintage setting. This is the story of chemist Elizabeth Zott. She is fully invested in her research but life throws her some unexpected turns and she ends up a single mother and the host of a television cooking show. Her meticulously planned life becomes unpredictable and she learns how to navigate these difficult situations while still attempting to challenge the status quo. I'm also just now finding out the source material is from a book (not surprisingly). Will be adding it to my to-read list!

FOUR // Ski Pants
I've been needing to get some ski pants for a few years now. I'd not gotten new ones since high school... Naturally, they no longer fit and I just kept pushing back getting new ones. I hadn't done any intense winter activities that required heavy-duty ski pants, so always made do with alternatives. So, when I saw these pop up on H&M in December, I did the responsible thing and got a pair. I opted for the black, high-waisted pair with suspenders. They also have a flared leg with a zipper at the ankle to accommodate bulky ski boots or skates. They are very comfortable and have some stretch. I chose black because it would go with everything. Sadly, we've had a very odd mild winter with some snow. Unfortunately, as soon as we get lots of snow, it promptly rains and melts it. I have not had the chance to test out my new ski pants in the cold, snowy weather yet. Even so, I'm still happy I got around to replacing my ski pants. At least now I'll be ready for the occasion when it arises.

FIVE // Fabric Shaver
I'd been needing and wanting a fabric shaver for a long time now. I kept putting off because I'd get overwhelmed with the options out there and was hesitant to get an electric one as I've seen the damages they can cause first-hand. The other day, a trusted fellow fashionista was singing the praises of this particular hand-held fabric shaver so I decided I'd give this one a try. It's dual-ended: one side is the fabric shaver and the other side is a lint brush. Great combo! This model also comes with three interchangeable shavers for different knits and fabric compositions, also a great feature. I've used it on various garments in the last week or so and so far I'm happy with the results. I used it on some major pilling on yoga pants and it worked wonders. I also used it on a knit sweater with good results, on a winter coat and on a thinner knit. So far, so good. I wouldn't say it's miraculous by any means, but it does get the job done with a little patience and a light touch. That's the feature I like most, I get to control the tool and pressure used myself. 

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