23 Feb 2024

Mimi Takes Five - #289

ONE // Lilac Bikini
Well, it's that time of year when sunny destinations call our names. We had gotten into the habit of going on a yearly sunny vacation mid-winter, but hadn't been since 2020 (we snuck one in a month or so before the world shut down). Well, this year was the year we picked up that tradition again. We'll be on our way home as this post goes live, so I thought I'd share some of the warm-weather pieces I brought, starting with this lilac bikini! I mean, the first things I pack are usually my swimsuits. I start by picking those out and go from there. I wanted a new one this year and ended up getting this great lilac bikini on clearance from Dynamite. It was just what I was looking for and I love this colour so much! I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it as I didn't have high hopes when I ordered it. It's not a top-quality piece, but it does the job. Sometimes, it's okay to get the cheap piece because you like the colour. I'm happy I did!

TWO // Turquoise Clutch
I was browsing Poshmark a few weeks ago and stumbled upon this woven turquoise clutch. I was not looking for anything specific, yet this beauty caught my eye. I have a sweet spot for woven bags of any kind, so this colourful one got my attention. Turquoise is a colour I like to wear in the spring/summer, combined with my love of small purses and all things straw, I simply had to have it. It arrived in perfect condition and is still big enough to fit a phone and some essentials. I hadn't gotten to use it yet, but a sunny vacation seemed the perfect setting to put it to good use! I always like bringing an evening bag for dinners on the resort and brought my new turquoise clutch with me!

THREE  // Cozy Podcast Alert
I've talked about how much I love listening to podcast before and I'm here to talk about a new one that just launched! I've also made it known that I'm a Potterhead, so this post is a great intersection of my interests, ha ha! The Cozy Common Room comes to us from Jessica Stewart's imagination. You might know Jessica from her Instagram account (@jessdreamsofmagic) where she does these great highlighted passages from the Potter books. This podcast is a new-to-me category - bedtime stories. I've never listened to anything similar to this, but I was pleasantly surprised. Jessica's stories are all set in a familiar magical world. I listened to the first episode during a rather stressful commute (not exactly the intended setting in which to listen). I found the story and overall vibe to be very relaxing, even meditative. It really helped distract me from my surroundings and provided a sort of comfort bubble. I found myself right at home with this podcast, almost as if I'm reentering a familiar place. I've downloaded the other available episodes and plan on listening to them during my flights. I highly recommend to fellow Potter enthusiasts and podcast lovers alike.

FOUR // Flowy Cover up
I got this super cute swing cover up a few years ago now, but I'd never brought it on a sunny vacation. The loose fit and puff sleeves make it the ideal cover-up to pop on over any swimsuit. The white means it'll match with any colour swimsuit, too. I got a lot of wear out of it, as it's the piece that took me from pool to snack bar in a pinch. I also like that this cover-up has sleeves. I don't have many with sleeves, but they are beneficial for that extra sun coverage. When in doubt, get a white cotton swim cover-up!

FIVE // White Swimsuit
Speaking of white swimwear, I also got this white one-piece swimsuit. I know I said I was only going to get one new piece for this vacation, but Dynamite had just dropped their resort pieces and I had a birthday discount. I actually quite like it. The cut is a bit more risqué than my usual, but I'm loving the deep V-neck and open back. I'd be lying if I said the higher cut leg doesn't hit at the most flattering spot on my body, but I decided to wear it anyway. We've all got bits that we are more insecure about, but I'm working on not hyper focusing on that and accepting every lump and bump. Besides, I've come to realize that I tend to care about and notice my imperfection more than any stranger ever would. I decided to let it go. I want to make the most of my vacation and not let body dysmorphia get in the way! All that to say that if you have a swimsuit you like - wear it! It'll never look the same on every body and that is the beauty of diversity!

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