9 Feb 2024

Mimi Takes Five - #287

ONE // Valentine's Bath Bombs
With V-day just around the corner, I thought I'd share a sweet selection of bath bombs. These would be perfect additions to a self-care Valentine's Day gift for a special someone. I particularly love the Love Letter bath bomb - it's the sweetest thing! I mean, it could be the Valentine card! I also love the Whispering Hearts bath bomb. This one is more intense, but makes for a relaxing bath. I also grabbed one of my usual go-to bath bombs, the Dragon's Egg. It's not Valentine specific, but an all-around great choice. Again, these would be perfect additions to a Love Basket (not sure that's a thing, but I'm making it one). A bath bomb, a bougie candle, some chocolates, a pair of fuzzy socks, a face mask and maybe a romance novel would make a perfect gift for a relaxing night in. 

TWO // Handmade Valentine
I went to a rabbit hole looking up valentine cards and came across this tutorial for a handmade folded valentine. If you are crafty and want to take the time to make a very special valentine for a very special someone, this one's for you! I love making my own scrapbook-style cards during the holidays, but find myself neglecting getting crafty with handmade cards the rest of the year. I'm not sure yet if I'll attempt this one, or how I'd put my own spin on it, but it was too good not to share. I'd love receiving a card that someone put a lot of effort and love into. Handmade gifts are always the best gifts!

THREE // Blush Skirt
I've had this knitted blush pleated midi skirt from Zara for many years now (at least a decade if I recall correctly) which I love. It's the perfect shade of blush and has a nice weight to it so falls well. However, the waistband is all stretched out now and I can't figure out how to fix it... I think the fabric loosened when it got chemically cleaned post fire. Anyways, I've hung onto it because I still love it and would wear it with a belt, even though it wasn't quite the same. I'd been meaning to replace it if I found a good option. Well, I recently found a perfect replacement skirt! It's a blush pleated midi skirt, but this one has more of a silky, shiny finish - which I love! I'm so happy I waited until I found a great replacement piece. My patience paid off!

FOUR // Hill House Spring Drop
Next Tuesday is Hill House's spring drop and it's a big one! We've got some new floral prints, some lace, a variety of fabrics and some new silhouettes. Basically, there's a lot of new. Truth be told, I'm a bit overwhelmed! The geometric print and the peony prints have caught my eye. I'm also looking at different silhouettes to possibly try. There are a lot of nice pieces, it'll be hard to narrow down my picks. I might have to mull over my wishlist before making any decisions. If you are new to Nap Dresses, my favourite is the Ellie. If you like a print, I say start with an Ellie. By far my most worn and versatile style. I'm trying to diversify my closet even though I'm still eyeing up those Ellies!

FIVE // Bow Slides
I love that bows are having a moment right now because they've always been part of my aesthetic and now bow-adorned things are easier to find. I've had "blush slides" on my to-buy list since last summer. I realized there was a gap in my closet and was on the search for some cute blush slides. While I did see some cute options last summer, I'm happy I waited because these bow slides are the most perfect blush slides I could have hoped for! I snagged them right away because I knew they'd probably sell out. They are simply precious in person and I cannot wait to wear them when the temperature warms up. They would be so cute with dresses, cropped jeans, and any and all swim looks. 

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