3 May 2024

Mimi Takes Five - #299

ONE // Ugly Betty
My husband and I were looking for a show to watch together and landed on Ugly Betty. While I was familiar with the show and its premise, and caught glimpses of episodes here and there while it was airing, I never watched the series. This was on air from 2006 to 2010, so you actually had to watch it on TV when it played, you know, pre streaming services and whatnot. I aways thought it would have been my kind of show and turns out, it really is! It's a bit of Devil Wears Prada meets Sex and the City. I'm also getting Jane the Virgin vibes, but that tracks if it was based on the telenovela format. We both enjoying it very much and it's an easy watch before bed. I love getting to go back in time so to speak and get to watch shows I missed when they first aired.

TWO // Blue Botanical Nesli
This specific Nap Dress has been a white whale of mine for quite some time. It was released with the Pink Botanical print in the fall of 2020, and I had only bought my first Nap Dress the following June. At that point, the Blue Botanical print was no longer available in the Nesli. I did get the Pink Botanical in an Ellie but was really hoping to get my hands on a blue Nesli. I loved both prints, but wanted to vary the silhouettes. It took four years, but Hill House finally brought back the Blue Botanical Nesli in their Heritage Collection! I finally got to purchase this dress that I had loved for so long and always hoped to get one day. 

THREE // HP on Audible
I have yet to venture into the world of audiobooks, but if there ever was something to convince me to try it out, it might be this news. Audible is currently working on doing full-cast recordings of the entire Harry Potter series. I've never listened to the existing audiobook recordings, but I do know there are U.S. and UK versions (for English, at least). From what I can tell, the narrators would do different voices for different characters, not unlike a parent would do when reading out loud to a child. This full-cast concept is intriguing and exciting as it will sure give new and greater dimension to the characters, possibly making the experience more engaging. These new recordings will also contain elaborate soundscapes with original music and real-world sound capture, taking advantage of new technology in the audiobook sphere. The books will be released sequentially, beginning in late 2025. I am intrigued but it really sounds like we'll be in for an auditory treat!

FOUR // Medicine Bag
I was lucky enough to get to participate in a medicine bag workshop at work this week. Every year, my workplace has a dedicated month during which a variety of activities and learning opportunities are organized for the staff. It's great, I look forward to it every year! My first workshop this year was getting to make my own medicine bag while learning about its history. The materials used (deer leather and sinew) were all locally sources. I love sewing and crafting in general, so this process felt very natural to me. The workshop was an opportunity to learn about the medicine wheel, discuss cultural appropriation versus appreciations, as well as the Truth and Reconciliation calls to action. Marc from Makatew, who guided the workshop, created a very inviting environment conducive to open discussion.

FIVE // Mufasa : The Lion King
Another Disney origin story was not on my bingo card for 2024. While I enjoy watching the new live-action Disney remakes, I'm much more interested in expanding on the stories. I really loved the Cruella origin story and thought it was a great stand-alone movie. I enjoyed it without drawing parallels or comparisons to the animated version. What draws me to origin stories of Disney villains in particular is that they usually provide context and background on how that character developed. Mufasa : the Lion King will clearly be the origin story of a protagonist. Mufasa's death in the animated movie is one of the most poignant scenes of a Disney movie. We know how this character's life ended; now we'll get to explore his beginnings in this new motion picture. I, for one, am very curious about how Mufasa became the Lion King and paved the way for Simba to walk in his footsteps. The release in theatres is scheduled for the end of the year. I love a good cinema outing during the holidays. Oh, did I mention new original songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda? I can't wait!

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